FASCISM RISING; Greece, Golden Dawn Deny History, Claim NO DEATHS During 1973 Uprising, Defend NATO’s GLADIO Installed Military Regime

The Golden Dawn have shown their hand by denying the deaths of protesters during the 1973.11.14 to 1973.11.17 “Athens Polytechnic Uprising” against the military dictatorship of Greece.  The 1967.4.21 “Colonel’s Coup” of Greece was orchestrated by NATO’s Operation GLADIO, under the code name “Sheepskin”, to install a military dictatorship… this lasted as the “Regime Of The Colonels” from 1967 to 1974.

NATO has Nazi links… Operation GLADIO is / was Gehlen Organization Nazi German Intelligence based… the Golden Dawn preach Nazi doctrine, praise Hitler, and use Nazi salutes and symbolism.

So just who are the Golden Dawn really working for????  It’s certainly not the Greek people…


2012.11.16 Greeks Commemorate Modern Anti Imperialistic Struggle (PressTV, youtube.com):


National independence should not be confused with nationalism, say Greeks
who remember the events of November 17th 1973, when half a million
citizens took to the streets demanding an end to the military regime imposed
on Greece in 1967 and students occupied Athens Polytechnic.


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