FASCISM RISING; EU, Armed Austerity?, Brussels Calls For ‘EU United Army’, More Jobs Through Military & War; NEO FRANKISH EMPIRE

“… this means a new EU Operational Headquarters is on the cards, and that the bosses will have the authority to jump into all types of ‘Crises’, including what it calls ‘High Intensity Conflicts’, otherwise known as ‘Wars’… it’s a question of business as well… Euro MP’s stress that building up Europe’s capabilities would save, and even create jobs… pumping more investment into the military industry…” – Polly Boiko, RT


Like I’ve been saying, this is the birth of a new Fascist Empire in Europe… the Neo Frankish Empire.

People need to ask… exactly which war did Belgium win????

Brussels has become the dictatorial Administrative & Executive Capital of the EU… and Brussels is also coincidentally the political seat of the genocidal, terrorism creating & supporting, war mongering, NATO.

What could possibly go wrong…


2012.11.23 Armed Austerity?, Cash Strapped EU Beefs Up Military (RT, youtube.com):

One area that EU leaders are being forced to not let their guard down is on defense and security.  The European Parliament’s voted through a resolution to keep national militaries at full strength.  As Polly Boiko explains, the warning is that reducing defense budgets could lead to the EU’s strategic decline.  British Euro MP David Campbell Bannerman voted against the move – accusing Brussels of encroaching on sovereignty by expecting states to relinquish control of defense and security decisions.



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