FASCISM RISING; EU’s New Tower Of Babel, ECB ‘Palace’ To Be Tallest Building In Frankfurt, So President Can ‘View His Empire’; NEO FRANKISH EMPIRE

“It is already known that the President of the ECB will have a room on the 41st floor… some say he will not just see a breathtaking city panorama, he’ll also have a bird’s eye view of the turbulent ups and downs of his own troubled Empire, the ill fated EuroZone…” – RT


Apparently EU austerity does not apply to the European Central Bank (ECB), which is in the process of creating for itself a “Palace” that will be the tallest building in Frankfurt Germany… at a very austere “10 digit price tag”.

As I’ve been saying, this is the birth of a new Fascist Empire in Europe… the Neo Frankish Empire… so what better location for the new Empire’s banking power headquarters to be than in Frankfurt.

See more info regarding “the other” EU Tower Of Babel building below the video…


2012.11.25 Euro Babel; ‘Palace’ For Central Bank Drains Funds Amid Harsh Times (RT, youtube.com):


Conceived as a beacon of transparency and prosperity, it has since invited stark criticism as a symbol of bankers’ greed in harsh economic times.  Millions have already been spent on the European Central Bank’s new HQ in Frankfurt, but more are being poured in and delays are dragging the project down.


The video has a rather tongue in cheek comparison of this new ECB “Palace” with the Tower Of Babel, however, an EU version of the Tower Of Babel already exists… the EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg France, the Louise Weiss Building, was designed to resemble the Tower Of Babel as artistically rendered by Pieter Brueghel.

So one must ask… just why would the EU rulers go through so much trouble to create a replica of the Tower Of Babel????








    Let me give you something to consider. Tomorrow you go down to your local bank and borrow $10,000. As most of us already know there is actually no money in the bank (except for a few miscellaneous savings accounts and CDs) so to complete your transaction, the bank ‘creates’ (Of course, they do this by law. There is nothing illegal in this transaction. Just immoral.) $10,000 and credits it to your checking account. You execute a note for $10,000 at 10% interest (keeps the math simple) due in one year and present it to the bank in exchange for your ‘deposit’. In one year, to the day, prompt as always, you return to the bank and pay them the $10,000 back. This completes the bookkeeping on the original creation of $10,000. It was created from nothing one year ago, and it is destroyed by your return of the funds.

    Hold it, King’s-X, time-out, take a break. I can see the smirks from here. That comes from talking about this for so many years and watching people’s reaction when I tell them “the money disappears”. Money can’t just appear and disappear! I mean, get real! But it CAN just appear and disappear when you use a debt based monetary system. That is, a system where you pass debt back and forth as money. That’s what we use. Money based on debt. If we don’t have debt we don’t have money.

    Since the money did not exist until you borrowed it and put it into play in the economy, it can hardly exist after the destruction of the original note, or means of creation. This is the explanation of the real problem with our system. We do not have a permanent MONEY SYSTEM. That means that the amount of ‘money’ (debt) in existence at any given time is solely at the whim of private bankers whose motto is “the end justifies the means” and “might makes right”.

    This also means that EVERY dollar in existence collects interest for every moment it exists. There is no ‘free’ money, except for a very small amount of U.S. Notes, or Government issued money, dating from the Civil War. To explain this a little better, remember that a debt-based monetary system is actually just a bookkeeping system for debt. In other words, there is actually no money. We just pass debt back and forth as if it were money. Since the “actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks” (from a November 1, 1982, letter from the Department of the Treasury), nothing can exist except debt! The answer, of course, is that you can not! …always involves the extension of credit…., credit equals debt. Therefore, the only ‘money’ available to operate our economy is the amount of debt available each year. Remember, 99% of all ‘debt money’ used in this Nation does not exist except as ink on some bank’s computer printout, and exists solely at the whim of the banker. You must never stop borrowing or have your ‘credit’ shut off or you have a recession, or in the extreme case, a depression. And since this type of monetary system is actually nothing but a bookkeeping system for debt, all entries must balance. When you borrow ‘money’, a bookkeeping entry is made to create the funds. When you pay the ‘money’ back, a corresponding entry is made to destroy the funds. It can’t work any other way.

    But wait! Now the $10,000 has a ‘tail’. A tail called interest. The $1,000 that you owe to the bank for the use of their bookkeeping entry. Actually, after you understand how the system works, what you owe to the bank for borrowing ‘nothing’. Where did the interest come from? The bank didn’t ‘create’ it. They only ‘created’ the original $10,000. So who created it? Did you? And I’m not talking about your labor. Have you authority to ‘create’ money? NO? Then where did the $1,000 come from? We realize that it was never ‘created’, so the only place it could come from is the same place all other ‘money’ comes from: “someone else’s debt”.

    NO ONE HAS EVER ‘CREATED’ ANYTHING TO PAY THE INTEREST! Let me put this another way. Suppose that $10,000 you borrowed was the only money in existence. Real money, not debt. Gold, and no other gold exists except that $10,000. And you borrow it under the condition that you repay $11,000 in gold in one year and if you agree to do this you have agreed to do the impossible. Does it not make sense, then, that every time we borrow ‘created’ money we agree to do the impossible?

    Let’s go back to our bookkeeping system for debt. The $10,000 you borrowed was ‘created’ by a bookkeeping entry and when you paid it back it was ‘extinguished’ by a corresponding bookkeeping entry. In order to ‘extinguish’ the interest out of the bookkeeping system for debt, there has to be two corresponding entries. Since the first bookkeeping entry, the ‘creation’ of the interest, does not exist, the interest can never be extinguished but must stay within the system and accumulate as permanent debt collecting more and more compound interest. Sounds just like a banker’s dream, doesn’t it?

    Let me explain this very clearly, almost 95% of the 16+ trillions of dollars of debt of this Nation has been caused by the compound interest we pay on all of the debt carried by both the public and private sectors of our Nation through the ‘creation’ of money by our banks. This accumulation of debt has occurred since 1940 and shows the power of compound interest. This interest (debt due to the banks for the use of their bookkeeping entries) to the banks is primarily paid by the massive deficits our Government runs and pumps into the system. This interest can never be paid! It can only accumulate as permanent debt within the system and becomes a permanent mortgage on the people of the Nation through taxation for the benefit of the International Bankers.

    This is an exact prescription for economic slavery and can only result in higher and higher taxes. There is no other result possible. The man who devised this system was named Rothschild and he and his descendants have used this system, coupled with bribery and corruption of government officials and of the European Royalty, to obtain a chokehold on the economic fortunes of the world through ever increasing amounts of unpayable debts (interest). As time went on they brought other families and lesser individuals who were willing to do their bidding into their plan as accomplices. Would it surprise you to know that everything you see happening in America today (our problems) was predicted by Rothschild in the manuscript he wrote in 1773? This plan to enslave the world through economic slavery has been carried out over a long period of time. Naturally, I’m supposed to assume that this has occurred by chance because it surely could not be a “conspiracy”!?!

    The ultimate result of this system is the destruction of the middle class, exactly as we see it happening in America today, leaving a thin slice of extremely rich at the very top. Everyone else, except those working for the very rich, are left to pay a crushing burden of taxes for the direct benefit of those same Elite Rich. This will eventually leave almost nothing for the average citizen to subsist on. At that point you will not have to wonder who the homeless are or what it feels like to go to bed hungry because you will know! The American people now pay between 60 and 65% of their incomes in taxes. How close are we to the end, then, when they repossess all of the real property we owe so much ‘money’ on just as they took our gold and silver? All for our ‘excesses’ in borrowing ‘NOTHING’!

    And, of course, our inattention and our unwillingness to face reality. We insist in judging others by our own moral absolutes when these men and their minions have no morals. They have nothing except an insatiable appetite for more money and power, and THEY OWN YOUR FEDERAL RESERVE! Are you willing to join their ‘beneficent’ dictatorship, their “New World Order”?

    If not–then stand up and BE COUNTED!

    Nick Repac

    • You summed this up perfectly, now if only the people could understand it. dumbed down as so many are it is pathetic that they can understand this nor do they want to and the upper class not the elites are not affected enough yet to care, When they are affected more by this fraud maybe then they will do something.

  • Peoples should switch to HCS-Bank!

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