FASCISM RISING; Mexico, Riots Occur As New Mexican President Takes Oath Of Office, PERFORMS FASCIST RIGHT ARM SALUTE

The new President Of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, performs the Fascist “Right Arm Salute” while taking his oath of office:



The Wikipedia article “President Of Mexico” claims a raised right arm is standard during the swearing in of the President Of Mexico:

“Upon taking office, the President raises his/her right arm to shoulder-level and takes the following oath…”

President Nieto begins his “Right Arm Salute” far above the shoulder level, but regardless, this is clearly the “Fascist Salute”, which I don’t recall seeing other Mexican Presidents perform… so perhaps I missed other swearing in ceremonies or they weren’t televised.

The “Right Arm Salute” occurs at 1.31 into the video below…


2012.12.2 Rampaging Riots In Mexico As President Pena Nieto Sworn (RT, youtube.com):


Protesters clashed with police outside the Mexican Congress in Mexico City on Saturday, as the country’s new president, Enrique Pena Nieto, took the oath of office.



  • This is how Mexican presidents are always sworn in… And it’s not fascist/Nazist. It was adopted from the US actually.

    • Yes, that is the way that all mexican are required to salute the flag, or was before the law was changed in 2014, (now patriotism in Mexico is opcional) there are 2 ways to salute the flag in Mexico, arms raised and hand across your chest with the palm spread out and facing down. This is older than the nazi or “fascist salute” and BTW the nazi swastica is also a tibetan simbol of religion, it means the birth and rebirth of the world, If any of you dont know about history, dont care about history or simply refuse to learn please don’t comment about the mexican salute or compare it to fascism, it just makes you look like an as*

      • Hi Jerry,
        Sorry, but it’s you who doesn’t know your history… I’ve studied these topics for many, many years.

        Sun God Salute (AKA Fascist Salute, Hitler Salute, Right Arm Salute, Roman Salute, etc.) … its origin is VERY ancient Aryan, and nothing to do with Mexico… the only reason Mexico uses this salute is because Mexico has been dominated and controlled by the Catholic Church for many years… all “modern Fascist” governments (ie, those from the 1920’s onward) were all Catholic controlled.

        The Right Arm Salute is inseparable from Aryan “early Fascism” (ie, Roman Empire), or Aryan “modern Fascism” (ie, Roman Catholic Church)… either way you end up with a criminal elite class ruling over a majority of very poor people… it’s a form of Feudalism, and this describes modern Mexico perfectly.

        The Swastika is a “Sun Worship” symbol, and does refer to “Rebirth”… its origin is also VERY ancient Aryan… its origin is NOT in Tibet, and its origin is NOT in the Orient either, as some suggest.

        I think you’ve been reading too many Madame Blavatsky propaganda novels.

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