SANDY HOOK & AURORA mentioned In BATMAN (Dark night rising / Phoenix) Movie !

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It is a tenet of Freemasonry to disclose your intentions before you embark on the deed! Also…. it is a “cremation of care.”

What are the odds?

Disclose.tvWOW !! SANDY HOOK & AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral This is a SET UP !!!


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2 Responses to “SANDY HOOK & AURORA mentioned In BATMAN (Dark night rising / Phoenix) Movie !”
  1. My mind is reeling not only from these many “coincidences” yet also from the lack of any response to my pleas for hep or at least some reading of my books – Maybe folks are trying yet first I had missing emails and print outs stolen – then ‘black flashing bars’ over fazebook messages – then all response on yahoo went away – whole comment sections gone even after recieveing alerts I had been responded to – put together with video of spacecraft coming and going – we have a small low key demonic alien invasion in progress – but you did not hear it from me – despite years of blowing whistles!

  2. waywardson07 says:

    thanks for posting this it keeps getting deleted off youtube for “Violence”!?!?!?!?!

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