The Jack Blood Show – December 19 2012

12.19.12 – Jack Blood continues his exclusive commentary on the Newtown Ct Massacre (report disinfo on this case and go to jail, say the authorities)…. various breaking news… Hour 2: James Pilato ( joins us to discuss the reality of public shootings and the offered solutions , and his boycott of the Bin Laden Kill movie Zero Dark 30.

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  • Love your show Jack, those police scanner tapes you played were very telling, shadow people and all. I wonder if these black op guys are using Optic Camo to perform these ritual killings. I remember a footage from waco on the documentary: Rules of engagement, where infared cameras caught rapid gunfire flashing in the middle of the field infront of the compound. The infared which is suppose to catch heat signatures only catches the machine gun burst but not the heat from the body wielding the weapon, unless there is another explanation. Thank you for your time. Cant wait until Friday’s show w/ Freeman. 1

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