• Finally a news organization with the fortitude to speak the truth.
    This has made my evening, just knowing that at least one media outlet will still speak the truth.
    From the bottom of my heart and for the safety and future of my kids and grand kids, I sincerely want to say thank you.
    Best Regards,

  • Exactly. Parity. not Bambi. Thank you.

  • This also made my day. Outstanding coverage. I don’t understand why people still try to “translate” the Constitution. It’s plain English.

  • If only we could get some political “leaders” to speak this truth!

  • We have let the court and the political establishment diminish,restrict, and ignore our rights. These are God given rights, but the government got rid of the Judeo-Christian God long time ago. The government/Court has made it clear–only it gives rights. We are on the highway to hard tyrany. I know not how it will all end. Most immigrants have no idea that our Constitution is what makes America exceptional. Most Americans don’t care so long as the check is in the mail. We send elected leaders to Washington to uphold the Constitution and then watch them try and surplant it, weaken it or make it say something it doesn’t say. Why do they bother to take the Oath? I gues thats for us little people to believe and die for. Former Cold War Sgt USAF

  • Where can I get a transcript of this?

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