Sandy Hook- No “Assault Weapons” Used?

December 27, 2012 by  
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We have received notice from alternative gun groups that the new 2013 legislation will ban a variety of guns. How much of this is based on outright media lies?

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3 Responses to “Sandy Hook- No “Assault Weapons” Used?”
  1. Josh says:

    I’ve followed this story closely during the immediate aftermath of the event. The story that all the networks reported regarding the weapons used was, at first 2 pistols, by the alleged shooters body and the bushmaster in the trunk of a the car. It seemed to me that, not until the medical examiner stated that all the wounds were caused by a long rifle, did the narrative change to the bushmaster being found inside the school. Nothing adds up the was this was reported. I believe the confusion is intentional by the media and “officials” and there was other shooters/conspirators involved..

    • LC says:

      I totally agree. I question if Adam was involved at all including killing his mom. I would like to know why the coroner gave such a “crazy” press conference and why all the families were visited by a different law enforcer and why they are not allowed to talk. This whole story gets crazier by the day. Did this really happen??

  2. Josh says:

    ..Also the altercation with schools officials the day before the clip spoke about was initially reported as being with a parent of a student

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