WAR ON AFRICA; US Deploying Troops To 35 African Countries, ‘Anti Terror Training’ Excuse Used For AFRICOM Invasion

The invasion of Africa, as I predicted for Obama’s first term, which only partially materialized, appears to have been given the green light for 2013.

It’s unbelievable that the fake Left Wing and the fake Right Wing parties continue to pretend to argue over the artificially created “Fiscal Cliff” yet there’s zero discussion about saving billions of dollars by pulling troops out of the hundreds of countries the US occupies… instead, more troops are being deployed.

There’s a debate in the video below about whether this is “British Imperialism” or “US Imperialism” at work.  Africa has been Britain’s domain for over 100 years, so Lawrence Freeman from LaRouche PAC is absolutely correct.  British banking in the sovereign city state known as the “City Of London” provides the credit to finance their US attack dog to go out and secure Britain’s African domain… and that debt goes onto the US taxpayer’s tab, to be paid back to the “City Of London”, plus interest… not a bad deal for the bankers.


2012.12.28 US Global Warfare (PressTV, youtube.com):


The US ‘Big Satan’ imperialism is sending its troops to Africa on the pretext of ‘war on terrorism’. Imperialism lies all the time and the only time it doesn’t lie is as a result of a double lie which is a lie coming back on itself to tell the truth.

Al-Qaeda was the creation of the US Satan imperialism. And now, there is evidence showing that the US Satan imperialism is currently arming al-Qaeda as in the case of Libya and it is actively supporting al-Qaeda groups. Thus, the reason they give for the physical invasion of Africa is bogus. But the real reason is that Africa in terms of minerals and natural resources is the richest continent in the world while its people are the poorest people in the world.


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