“Conspiracy Site” article predicting the next Batman Shooting causes cops to close school in VA

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On Wednesday, most students will head back to school but not those in Giles County.  They were suppose to return to class but school was canceled after an online article raised concerns about safety.

The article is entitled: The Next School Massacre Target?”. It’s posted on a website that caters to conspiracy theories and UFOs.

“We have to take this as serious information,” says Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons.

The article connects the Colorado movie theater shooting to last month’s shooting in Connecticut and then to Narrows.

The author uses a scene in the latest Batman movie that shows a map of attack sites. One is called Sandy Hook, the other is Narrows. The author writes that it’s plausible schools in Narrows, Virginia might be in danger.

“We just want to emphasize that no threat has been made to any school system here in Giles County,” says Sheriff Millirons.

But police aren’t taking any chances.  On Tuesday, police issued a reverse 911 call to parents about the article.

Sheriff Millirons says his office has received many calls.

“If I was a parent and did not know about this I would be upset and you can’t blame a parent for being upset,” says Sheriff Millirons.

Giles County canceled school on Wednesday. Instead it will a teacher work day.  But there will be plenty of police.

“The Sheriff’s gonna be at a school,” says Chief Bentley Ratcliffe of the Narrows Police Department, “We have some of our investigators, I’ll be at one of the schools and we’re gonna brief all the teachers and staff. ”

When students return on Thursday, there will be extra patrols around all five schools in Giles County.

Information posted on a website and found by Virginia State State Police have led Giles County Public Schools officials to cancel classes for tomorrow.

In a letter posted on the school division website from superintendent, Dr. Terry Arbogast, it explained that the website Revelation Now.net discussed the recent school shooting in Connecticut.

Also on that website was a map from the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

The map showed two different zones from the movie, Sandy Hook and Narrows here in Virginia.

The author behind the article did a search for Narrows Schools, which then led to three schools in Narrows being displayed.

No specific threats have been made against any school within the county.

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