WAR ON SYRIA; NATO’s FSA Terrorists Hail Bin Laden & Praise 911 Attacks

Dr. Randy Short describes the neo colonial invasion of Syria with precision…

Also don’t forget… these 95 percent foreign invaders known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are paid with ‘crisp US $100 bills’ by groups like the Syrian Support Group (SSG), which was given a TERRORISM LICENSE by US Treasury Department, which then funds the FSA to create instability and destroy infrastructure all across Syria with things like kidnappings and suicide bombings.

Oh what a twisted web we weave…


2013.1.5 ‘Al Qaeda Advancing NATO Agenda In Mideast’ (PressTV Interviews Dr. Randy Short) (youtube.com):


An analyst says al-Qaeda is furthering US-NATO colonial agenda the geostrategic importance of the Middle East region.

In the background of this video footage shows insurgents in Syria praising al-Qaeda as well as the 9/11 attacks in America. Al-Qaeda, created by the CIA, is fully support by the US with funding and weapons as is Saudi Arabia and Qatar to topple the government of Syria and to steal control of its natural resources.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Randy Short, Dignity Human rights and Peace Organization, Washington about this issue.



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