BATMAN SHOOTINGS HEARINGS; James Holmes Asked If There Was A Second Gunman, ‘He Just Smiled & Smirked’

He then asked Holmes if there was a second gunman, and Holmes “just looked at me and smiled.  It was a smirk.” – Officer Justin Grizzle


While everyone has been focusing on the Sandy Hook Shootings, in Newtown Connecticut, some new and very interesting details have come out regarding the Batman Shootings in Aurora Colorado during the preliminary hearings for James Holmes.

Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve gleaned from various articles and news reports…



• There are NO security camera video from inside the separate theatres or from outside the theatre building, the only video footage available is from inside the common theatre areas (ie, hallways, ticket purchasing, concessions).

• All reports are vague whether Holmes is clearly identifiable in the video, there is a person seen that the prosecution claims is Holmes, allegedly, who I will refer to henceforth as Holmes.

• Holmes is seen on video holding the door open for a couple while entering the building (a very polite killer).

• Holmes is wearing dark pants, a light colored button down shirt with a t-shirt underneath (some reports say t-shirt only), and a black ski cap or skull cap… apparently his bright orange hair is covered and cannot be used for identification.

• Holmes then uses his cell phone to redeem the movie ticket he purchased 12 days earlier on July 8th, it took Holmes three attempts to successfully redeem the ticket and have it printed.

• Holmes is then seen lingering around the concession area (it does not say if he was in a line), he then leaves the area, presumably to sit in the theatre.

• Holmes supposedly leaves the theatre through the Exit door approximately 18 minutes after the movie had started… it’s unclear how anyone would know this since there is no video inside or outside the theatre.

• Holmes used a piece of plastic, described as the type used to hold tablecloths onto picnic tables, to hold the Exit door open.

• Holmes reentered the theatre approximately 30 minutes after the movie had started and began his attack, first by throwing tear gas.

• Therefore Holmes took approximately 12 minutes to get fully dressed in all his gear (bullet resistant leggings, groin protector, flack jacket, throat protector, ballistic helmet, gas mask, tactical gloves) and collect his weapons.

• Detective Randy Hansen testified that the first 911 call to authorities came 18 minutes after the movie had started (NOW WE HAVE A TIME PROBLEM).

• It was previously reported that Holmes called his psychiatrist, Lynne Fenton, 9 minutes before reentering the theatre, therefore 3 minutes after leaving the theatre… so near the beginning of gearing up.

• The Policeman who first saw Holmes thought Holmes was a police officer, but after approaching closer he realized something was wrong, Holmes was standing by his car in full gear with a gas mask (on or off is not made clear) and with his hands on top of the car roof (odd?), the policeman told Holmes to freeze and took him down without even the slightest struggle, “he was very, very relaxed”, the policeman later discovered Holmes had a handgun sitting on top of the car.

• Holmes “smelled badly”, his pupils were “huge”, he seemed “disoriented” and “out of it”, and “there weren’t any normal emotional responses to anything.” (sounds drugged out of his mind).

• Officer Justin Grizzle asked Holmes if there was a second gunman, he “just looked at me and smiled. It was a smirk.” [1]

• FBI bomb expert testified about Holmes’ booby trapped apartment… a ridiculous trip wire system is described including a frying pan… most interesting is Holmes was in possession of Napalm and Thermite.

• Holmes took four self portrait pictures on his cell phone about 6 hours before the shootings on July 19th… the first shows him “smiling & smirking”, sticking his tongue out, wearing black contact lenses, a black skull cap, with his orange hair protruding in the shape of two Devil’s horns; the second shows him grinning and clutching the muzzle of a pistol to his face; the third shows him holding a black explosives container and whistling; the fourth shows him with a device intended to trigger an explosion in his apartment.

• Holmes took earlier photos on July 5th… one showed Holmes dressed head to toe in black protective combat gear with orange hair and carrying an assault rifle, another picture showed all of Holmes’ equipment laid out on his bed.

• Holmes made three reconnaissance missions to the theatre in the three weeks before the shootings… he took cell phone pictures of the inside and outside of the theatre, including the hinges of the Exit door… this was done on June 29, July 5, and July 11.



• Some reports claim investigators took various items from Holmes’ apartment, including his cell phone and computer… perhaps he had two cell phones?

• Investigators removed FOUR bottles of undisclosed prescription drugs from Holmes’ apartment, and retrieved Holmes’ immunization records (interesting, why??).

• Holmes tried to injure or kill himself a number of times in mid November 2012… once by standing on his bed and trying to fall backwards, other times by running his head straight into the concrete wall of his cell.



• 1 x Smith & Wesson M&P15 Rifle (AR-15)
• 1 x Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun
• 2 x Glock handguns
• 2 x Knives

• AR-15 found outside near Exit door (AR-15?)
• Shotgun found inside theatre on floor
• Glock handgun found on top of car
• Second Glock handgun found inside car



• Purchased movie ticket 12 days before.
• Midnight showing (12AM)
• Got dressed in 12 minutes
• Killed 12 people




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