The Worthless Flu Vaccine


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Put Some Mojo In Your Life
This Valentine’s Day


Dear Jack Blood readers / radio listeners,


Valentine’s Day is in 2 weeks and it seems around this time of year, chocolate is everywhere in my house.  Well, if you crave chocolate this time of year make sure it is healthy chocolate.  On that note, all our combos containing Cocoa Mojo are on sale with this special coupon code:


Coupon Code:  love7


This code is good for 7% off your next order of any combo containing Cocoa Mojo


Our email on Saturday will be highlighting all the various ways you can prepare Cocoa Mojo. 


I am not a big fan of the “hallmark” holiday that Valentine’s Day has become, but I still think the day is significant, because it is a day honoring a powerful force in this world…love.  Love has tremendous power, and I think we could all use a little more love in our lives…regardless if you already have a lot or a little.  That’s the greatest thing about love…there is no capacity limit.  


In addition, below is our new weekly health tip and recommendation.  Please read carefully and watch the video.  This important tip could literally help change and/or save your life.


Health Tip: The Importance of Vitamin D


We cannot over stress the importance of Vitamin D.  Getting enough Vitamin D seems simple yet almost all of us are deficient in it.  Vitamin D is essential to a healthy immune system.  I personally am taking 6,000IU’s a day, especially during the winter months when sunshine is scarce and illness is high.  

Make sure you watch Darren’s Daily Dose on Vitamin D.  It was recorded last year but nonetheless very important.  

The Daily Dose - The Essential Nutrient Vitamin D
The Essential Nutrient Vitamin D


The question remains, what is the best way to supplement your Vitamin D? and what are the best brands?

Since we do not make or carry a Vitamin D supplement, here are our recommendations:


1)  Make sure you get Vitamin D3

2)  Take a minimum of 2000IU’s a day

(However, almost all of us are deficient and should be taking more than 5,000IU’s)

3)  We recommend a liquid supplement as I personally find them easier to take and more cost effective. 

4)  Make sure the Vitamin D is extracted without solvents

What Brand Do We Recommend?


The brand we recommend is from a company called Biotics Research.  Look for the  Bio-D Mulsion Forte.  In 1 drop you get 2000iu’s and it is quite cost effective (750) drops).

Another brand would be from Quantum Nutrition Labs. Both these brands are high quality and do not use solvents in extraction.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.  I hope you enjoy the Mojo, The Sunshine (Vitamin D), and all the love in your life.  
Much Love,

Steve St Clair

EnerHealth Botanicals 




 Coupon Code: love7
7% off

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The Flu Vaccine

Hype, Fear, & Propaganda


Dear America,


Everywhere I turn its all about the flu.  “This is the worst flu season ever”, “get your flu shot”, “we’re all gonna die”.  They are even saying that the flu is going to hurt the US economy by forcing people out of work.  I guarantee you the Big-Pharma vaccine makers aren’t feeling the “hurt”.


The flu is bad this year, but what’s even worse is all the hype, fear and propaganda being thrown out about the dangers of not getting a flu shot.  Every “mainstream” article I read mentions the benefits of the flu shot, every picture is of someone getting vaccinated, and ultimately every piece is painting the flu vaccine as the holy grail.  The funny thing is, the majority of people coming down with the flu are already vaccinated…hmmm.


Bottom line…The vaccine makes no sense! What does make sense it treating your body with the proper nutrition to make sure your immune system is at it’s best.  Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D and then some (at least 5000 IU).  Take immune boosting herbs, drink plenty of water, and make sure you are rested and your adrenals are nourished.  One of the easiest ways to get sick, flu season or not, is to run your body into the ground, thus depleting your immune system.


Finally, please stay away from the vaccine. If you are being pressured by your doctors, nurses, employer, etc. you can always just tell them you are allergic to eggs…according to the CDC website you shouldn’t get it if you have an egg allergy.  However, if you are like me, I just tell them to “shove it!”…your choice.


Please take care of yourself,

Steve St Clair

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