Operation Gladio: False Flag Terror Attacks Never Stopped After Cold War

By Alex Thomas
January 14, 2012

From terror attacks in Italy and Belgium, to the assassination of the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978, Operation Gladio, the stand behind army in the event of the invasion of Europe by the Soviets, actually resulted in a widespread campaign of terror.

According to numerous experts on the operation, Gladio was infiltrated by the CIA and NATO, turned into a terrorist organization, and subsequently used as a political weapon to force Europeans into voting for establishment politicians throughout the use of terrorist acts to create a narrative of fear.

“One of P-2’s specialties was the art of provocation. Leftist organizations like the Red Brigades were infiltrated, financed and / or created, and the resulting acts of terrorism, like the assassination of Italy’s premier in 1978 and the bombing of the railway station in Bologna in 1980, were blamed on the left.

The goal of this ’strategy of tension’ was to convince Italian voters that the left was violent and dangerous-by helping make it so,” wrote Mark Zepezauer.

During a recent interview by author Richard Cottrell, these facts were brought to light with Cottrell making the startling statement that Gladio has NOT ended as previously claimed.

Tonight we are going to take a look at the role of Central Intelligence Agency in sponsoring false flag operations, in particular we will be examining Operation Gladio, a cold war black opera orchestrated by the CIA who launched terrorist attacks in Italy and throughout Europe in order to blame leftist communists.

The chosen targets were usually public places in order to create maximum impact.

Bombs were planted in banks and railway stations and trains. Snipers fired at will into innocent crowds of peaceful protesters or weekend shoppers simply out buying groceries.

It was a slaughter of the innocents, and the United States, working through the CIA and secret war departments of NATO, carried out a long series of false flag attacks throughout the European continent to meet its own political ends. “


If Operation Gladio has never ended then all terror attacks throughout Europe and even those in the United States, should be looked out with a highly suspicious eye.

“Gladio is active alive, working, and plotting to this day.

It is behind terrorist atrocities which have been performed in Europe not just 20 30 40 years ago but which have been performed within shall we say minutes in the historic record.

This is the important thing to remember, all the time we keep talking about Gladio as something that happened in the past, it was a long time ago maybe we should bury now…

Its not, this is an organization or idea or brand or trademark which is so useful you cannot put it away.

Using facts gained through investigation into Operation Gladio and then fast forwarding to the present, one must wonder if these same elements within the US government are once again carrying out false flag attacks on innocent civilians (including Americans) to further push their political goals. (disarming the American people among other tyrannical plans)

As investigations into both the Colorado Batman movie shooting and the Sandy Hook Shooting have shown, many different attacks within American have had all the hallmarks of a false flag operation and, among numerous other operations and false flag plans that have become public, Operation Gladio shows that elements of our government have in the past carried out false flag terror attacks.

For instance, when you take an independent minded look at the details revolving around the Sandy Hook Shooting a series of startling facts comes to light.

Once again a government-funded mock emergency drill was being conducted at a nearby local school at the very same time the supposed realtime shooting was taking place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut – leaving all the fingerprints of a government staged false flag event to strip guns from the American people.


Many people involved in responding to the Newtown school shooting have been shown to be participants in active shooter drills either in the past or on the very day of the shooting. To top it all off, there are still many inconsistencies in the official story.

One of the noticeable problems with the official story is that alleged shooting suspect Adam Lanza’s car was identified as a black Honda Civic, Connecticut plate number 872 YEO which is registered to a one Christopher A Rodia (born August 1969), totally discrediting the official story.


An excerpt from a local publication details the fact that an active-shooter drill was indeed taking place during the actual event known as the Newtown or Sandy Hook Schools Shooting, thus signifying all of the classic signs of a false flag operation.


Fast forwarding to the present, we have seen a large-scale media attack on the 2nd Amendment and now, in a startling turn of events, elements of the corporate media are literally attacking those who question the shooting.

When you consider the fact that the corporate media has absolutely been complicit in the Sandy Hook Shooting, it makes sense that they would send an elitist Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper) to broadcast one of the most hardcore segments of shilling the corporate media has ever conducted.

The above facts are merely a small fraction of the startling details that have come to light in regards to the Sandy Hook Shooting as well as the horrific Colorado theater shooting.

So, with the knowledge of Operation Gladio and the details surrounding numerous attacks within the US, is it possible that elements of the current United States government are involved in black ops staged terror as we speak?

Towards the end of the interview with Infowars Nightly News, Cottrell was asked if he thought attacks of the sort carried out under the auspice of Operation Gladio were a possibility in America.

Do you think they are barbaric enough to kill innocent children as an excuse to attack our 2nd Amendment?

To that end, his stern and straight forward yes reply should open the eyes of free thinking citizens throughout the world.

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