MSM Anderson Cooper Address The Sandy Hook False Flag Hoax ‘Conspiracy’

As we discussed on our show yesterday – this angle would be (now is) used to discredit legitimate questions about the unconscionable murder of children.

Sure enough – yesterday night – right on cue….. Anderson Vanderbilt (Cooper), along with professional debunkers and the Victim’s families go at this conspiracy theory head on.

We at have asked numerous questions about the event, as the authorities and the media have yet to explain why so many of the details in the official story have changed or have been flat out wrong. We ask these questions to aid the families in obtaining the truth about what happened to their loved ones, and to remind our readers and listeners that Governments and Intelligence have killed children before in order to achieve certain policy and public control measures.

We in NO WAY endorse such insensitive and unfounded theories such as this take that the Newtown Massacre never happened at all.

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