WAR ON MALI; France Starts Ground Invasion, NATO Allies Support France & Prepare For EXTENSIVE INTERVENTION


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France started bombing Mali a few days ago, and now they’ve started a ground invasion of the country.

France made a statement that this “intervention” would “only last a few weeks”… what a deception.

NATO allies have already stated the various ways in which they’ve agreed to support France’s “noble cause”, but this has quickly morphed into how NATO is preparing for an “extensive intervention” in Mali.  I’d suggest this was the plan all along… another NATO war…. sorry, I mean “humanitarian intervention” to save the children and protect Europe from the Muslim hordes, as France has suggested.

UN Resolution 2085 was originally created to authorize an “intervention” by African ECOWAS troops… I guess that was just a feint.


2013.1.16 France Sends Troops To Mali Town, Gets More Backing From NATO Allies (presstv.ir):


NATO allies are preparing for extensive intervention in Mali as France dispatches its ground troops to a town controlled by militants in the African country.

Foreign ministers of the European Union will attend an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the deployment of a training mission for the African country’s army, GlobalPost reported on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Malian and French forces were reportedly driving toward the town of Diabaly in the central part of the African country.

Rebels managed to take control of the town on Monday, when a NATO spokesman stated that the alliance would support France’s operations in Mali.

“We welcome the efforts of the international community in support of the implementation of the United Nations … resolution 2085 (on Mali),” the spokesman said.

The United States, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Germany and Denmark have already said they would support the French offensive against the African country.

Malian officials say many African countries have sent ground forces to support the government forces in the conflict.

Chaos broke out in the West African country after Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure was toppled in a military coup on March 22, 2012. The coup leaders said they mounted the coup in response to the government’s inability to contain the Tuareg rebellion in the north of the country, which had been going on for two months.

However, in the wake of the coup d’état, the Tuareg rebels took control of the entire northern desert region, but the Ansar Dine extremists then pushed them aside and took control of the region, which is larger than France or Texas.






  • … It’s better to let the terrotist conquer the whole country?
    The French do what they have to do.
    France was asked to come, they came, and now french soldiers are loosing lives for us.
    So STHU.

    • Wow, I guess I should just shut up because you said so… well I’ll stick by my record of accurately predicting how all of these convenient NATO interventions have lead to complete destruction and disaster in the targeted country, and you can stick by France’s record of colonialism, genocide, racism, and supporting terrorists. You know, like how France armed and funded Al Qaeda terrorists to attack Libya and murder Gadhafi… the same Gadhafi who the war criminal Sarkozy had just borrowed 30 million Euros from to illegally finance for his election campaign. Then after the “humanitarian intervention” that destroyed Libya, and caused a genocide on blacks, many of those French arms flooded into northern Mali and into the hands of supposed “Al Qaeda terrorists”… some may even conclude that France is to blame for the rise of the northern Mali “terrorists”. Or maybe we can talk about how France has been up to its neck in Syria for years, sending in Special Forces, and arming and funding foreign Al Qaeda terrorists to murder and terrorize the Syrian people in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government.

      So I’m sure this invasion of Mali is going to work out just great for the Mali people, and it’s nothing to do with colonialism or France supporting terrorists.

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