Raw Video of Brazil’s school shooting emerges: gunman captured on security video (Now lets see the Newtown – etc… footage!)

January 21, 2013 by  
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Security camera video showing the moment a gunman walked into a school in Rio de Janeiro and opened fire on children in two classrooms has been released by police.


London Telegraph

Twenty-four-year-old Wellington de Oliveira killed 12 children and then shot himself at a public school in a poor suburb of Rio, shocking the South American nation that has never seen such an incident before.

The hallway video shows Oliveira carrying a gun and several children running desperately out of two classrooms as he shot indiscriminately at them. Some are clearly injured. One grips his shoulder and limps down the hall.

Police said Oliveira, a former pupil, entered the school carrying two guns and a suicide note. He told security he was there to deliver a speech and then opened fire on students.

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