Widow of Colorado massacre victim sues James Holmes’ psychiatrist

James Holmes’ Air Force psychiatrist handler and University of Colorado (DARPA neuroscience program) are being sued by one of the victms.

Now we are getting somewhere!  Even though this article reeks of mainstay propaganda, it gets closer to the heart of who controlled ALLEGED shooter James Holmes.

London Telegraph


The widow of a victim of the Colorado cinema massacre is suing the alleged gunman’s psychiatrist for neglect, claiming the doctor should have had him arrested for “fantasizing about killing a lot of people.”

Colorado cinema massacre gunman James Holmes wore black contact lenses

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Chantel Blunk’s husband Jonathan, 26, a Navy veteran and father of two, was among the 12 people who died when James Holmes opened fire during a movie screening in the city of Aurora on July 20 last year.

Mrs Blunk is also suing the University of Colorado where Holmes was a PhD neuroscience student.

She alleges that Dr Lynne Fenton advised campus police after Holmes told her about the fantasy the month before the shooting.

According to the lawsuit, police offered to apprehend Holmes for 72 hours so he could undergo psychiatric assessment, but the psychiatrist rejected the idea.

Mrs Blunk claimed the psychiatrist “knew that James Holmes was dangerous” and “had a duty to use reasonable care to protect the public at large”.

In a statement responding to the claim, the University of Colorado said it “has great sympathy for the victims of the Aurora theatre shooting and their families.

“But in our initial review of this case, the university believes this lawsuit is not well founded, legally or factually.”

The case could be the first of several against the university. It received 11 notices of possible lawsuits from victims’ families before a deadline for them being filed expired this week.

Last week a judge ordered Holmes, 25, to stand trial over the massacre, one of the worst mass shootings in modern US history.

A total of 58 people were injured during the shooting, which happened during a midnight screening of Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

Holmes is expected to enter a plea to numerous counts of murder and attempted murder in March. Prosecutors will then have 60 days to decide whether to pursue the death penalty.

Comments from defence lawyers in court have suggested Holmes may plead insanity.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama called for the revival of an assault weapons ban and universal background checks for gun buyers.



  • Holmes’s lawyers had been expected to present witnesses to bolster a case that he may be mentally unfit to stand trial.

    But in the end they announced they would not, and the judge ruled Thursday, in an order posted online, that prosecutors had established there was “probable cause” to believe the defendant committed the crimes.

    On Friday one of Holmes’s defence lawyers, Tamara Brady, said she asked for the delay because of the time needed to go through evidence that consists of 30,879 pages of documents and more than 350 CDs and DVDs.

    “We believe it will take until March to decide what is the appropriate plea in this case,” she said, adding that it would give the defence time to decide if it will pursue a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea.

    Despite relatives’ clear frustration at the delay, Sylvester granted it due to “an abundance of caution, to avoid the possibility of being overturned on appeal and be back in here two years from now having to retry this case.”

    After the hearing, District Attorney George Brauchler stressed that Holmes was entitled to the usual standards of justice. “This is a mere accusation against the defendant,” he told reporters.

    “The defendant is entitled to presumption of innocence until proven otherwise,” he added.

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