Video – Another Blogger Executed by Mexican Drug Cartel

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Over the past three years, people in Mexico and particularly the border State of Tamaulipas have turned to social media to stay informed about organized crime and its effects on the community.

But a video surfaced on YouTube on Wednesday claiming a man dressed in black and kneeling is a contributor of the social media outlet Valor Por Tamaulipas.

After he recites a letter warning social media users to stop reporting about organized crime groups, the man appears to be shot in the head.

UTB Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrer told Action 4 News that some have questioned the authenticity of this video.

“The Mexican authorities need to do this investigation, we cannot allege and I cannot allege this is true or this is fake,” Correa-Cabrera said. “(It’s) How they are creating fear through YouTube and through social media. (They’re) presenting images and saying, ‘if you do this, I’m going to kill you,’ and this is not the first time to terrorize social media users.”

Correa-Cabrera believes Mexican authorities have shown weakness when investigating either cyber threats or threats against journalists that have actually been carried out, like the killing of Nuevo Laredo journalist Maria Elizabeth Macias.

“The message that was written in the place that her body was left in Nuevo Laredo, was, ‘because of what you’re reporting in the social media,’” Correa-Cabrera said.

She adds protecting social media users falls on the Mexican government, authorities and users themselves, and these threats should be taken seriously.

“If somebody is taking time to tape a video, it means that there is an agenda there,” Correa-Cabrera said. “You want to generate fear, you want these people that are reporting to stop reporting and we need to protect these people.”

Be cautious she said, but hopes people won’t be silenced.

“People have to know, people have to have their right to inform and to be informed and freedom of expression has to be protected,” Correa-Cabrera said. “Information is going to allow society to ask government to do their work.”


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11-Year-Old Boy Checks Dallas City Council Members On Rude Behavior

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David Williams, an 11-year-old student, went to a Dallas City Council meeting on Wednesday to learn, but ended up delivering an unexpected lecture, Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

He was dressed for the occasion: tucked-in shirt and pressed jeans. Barely tall enough to speak in to the mic, Williams’ head peered over the podium. His question to members was, “What is an alternative for the teachers to keep the schools safe in DISD without having to bring dangerous weapons to school?”

Though, when he returned to his seat, Williams noticed that the councilmembers were distracted and were walking around while meeting attendees were addressing them. Williams refused to overlook the members’ rude behavior. “Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?”

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Federal judge refuses to release innocent prisoners

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WASHINGTON — Even the federal prosecutors who put Gordon Lee Miller in prison couldn’t get him out.

U.S. Justice Department lawyers took the unusual step in December of asking a federal judge to throw out Miller’s conviction and free him because, they said, he had not actually broken the law.

But the judge’s answer was still more unusual: No.

The judge’s ruling against Miller is among the latest in a handful of court decisions blocking — at least temporarily — efforts by defense lawyers and prosecutors to overturn convictions in hundreds of cases in which the Justice Department agrees that people were sent to prison improperly because of a misunderstanding of federal law. The decisions raise for the first time the prospect that scores of prisoners still waiting for courts to decide their cases might remain locked up.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Chris Brook, legal director of the ACLU of North Carolina, which has been tracking the cases. “These are cases where everybody is on the same page. The government and the defense agree. The only one standing in the way is the judge.”

Miller finished his prison sentence while the case was being decided, but still must serve three years on supervised release.

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The Army Doesn’t Want You to See the Results of Its Shady PTSD Probe

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This past fall, the Army found out the results of a probe meant to determine if psychiatrists were reversing soldiers’ PTSD diagnoses to save the government money by denying them medical retirements. Months later, they still don’t want anyone knowing what’s in those files. The Army has refused to release the results of the so-called Madigan inquiry, and attempts to get the report through Freedom of Information Act requests have all been denied.

“George Wright, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, told NBC News that ‘concerns brought up in the Madigan matter will be addressed’ in a separate forthcoming report by the Army’s Task Force on Behavioral Health,” reports NBC News’s Rebecca Ruiz. (“Madigan” is the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.) According the same report, three Seattle-based news agencies have been denied Freedom of Information Act requests on the inquiry.

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Ron Paul Banned from DC! Roommates Banned in NY! (Nanny of the Month, Feb ’13)

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Maybe in hindsight it was inevitable: Ron Paul has been banned from Washington, DC! (The personalized license plate that bears his name, that is.)

A Freedom of Information Act request from, has yielded a hilariously infuriating 68-page list of vanity plates banned by Washington, DC’s DMV. In the list you’ll find everything from sexual innuendos (including nearly 2000 variations of the number “69”) to calls for “LSSGOVT” and, of course, countless references to marijuana, from the obvious (POTHEAD) to the clever (POTOMAC).

But this time the Nanny of the Month comes to us from Watertown, New York, where the city council has banned roommates from residential neighborhoods (which would include everyone from unmarried couples to domestic partners and soldiers sharing a home).

Seems that a local woman named Deborah Cavallario wasn’t keen on her neighbor living with his fiance and two friends, so she persuaded three out of five council members to zone away unrelated roommates. (She insists it wasn’t a “dirtbag” move.)

And you thought you got to say who stays under your roof! That rumble you hear is the sound of a thousand lawyers heading to this Empire State town.

1 minute, 45 seconds.

“Nanny of the Month” is written and produced by Ted Balaker (follow him on Twitter @tedbalaker and submit nanny noms). Research by Matt Edwards. Opening animation by Meredith Bragg.

5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide

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To hear President Barack Obama tell it, the impending $85 billion in spending cuts to the federal budget known as the sequester are the worst disaster since Seth MacFarlane hosted the Academy Awards.

But before you dive deep into depression, here are five facts that should take the sting out of the sequester.

1. The Cuts Are Tiny!

The actual cuts in fiscal year 2013 are only $44 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The rest don’t even take place until 2014 or later. Whether you use $44 billion or $85 billion we’re talking about 1 or 2 percent of total government spending.

2. Spending is Still Going Up!

Even with the sequester, the federal government is expected to spend more this year than it did last year. The government spent $3.5 trillion in 2012 and i expected to spend $3.6 trillion in 2013 (see Summary Table 1).

3. The Pentagon Won’t Starve!

The largest chunk of cuts will come out of the defense budget, which has doubled over the past decade. The Pentagon will still have about $500 billion at its disposal, not counting war-related and emergency appropriations.

4. You Can’t Cut Nonexistent Programs!

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget says the sequester will cut a whopping $2 million from the $20 million budget for the National Drug Intelligence Center. That sounds pretty bad – until you realize the Drug Intelligence Center closed its door in June 2012.

5. It Was All Obama’s Idea!

The whole damn sequester was the Obama administration’s idea. As the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward has reported, despite Obama’s denials to the contrary, “the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House” as part of the deal to raise the debt limit back in August 2011.

So as members of the president’s cabinet and party rail against the draconian nature of the sequester and the unfairness of it all, it’s worth keeping in mind that these cuts are genuinely puny.

And that the president has nobody to blame but himself.

About 2 minutes.

Produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie, who also narrates.

FIRE BALL over Texas & Louisiana turns out to be CHINESE ROCKET!!!

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The Jack Blood Show – February 27 2013

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WEDNESDAY 2.27.13 – Jack Blood raises the stakes! Atlernative spin on various breaking news stories and some serious rantage… (calm down Sir… Ztttttt ) HOUR 2 – Jack is joined by Ron Paul Revolution radio host and blogger from Atlanta GA, Kurt Wallace ( and What IS the state of the Revolution? Rand Paul ? friend or Foe? and….  Dave from Montana is baaaack. CONTRIBUTE TO THIS SHOW NOW!!!! Nothing is free but you and your will to vote with your wallets and purses! Chip in at our site OR send to

2.26.13 SPECIAL EDITION BLOOD: BILL HICKS DAY, JOHNNY CASH, AND THE 20TH ANNY OF WTC 1993! / Also: The story of the Death of whistle-blower Sunny Sheu – How the Judges work for the banks!

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Jack Blood honors the Great American Comedian and truth artist BILL HICKS! It was Bill’s death day today and – Johnny Cash’s Birthday (long live!) and the 20th Anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings (which were admittedly NOT ALLEGEDLY an FBI sting operation were the FBI / US Gov supplied the REAL bomb which injured over 1000 people. (This is the smoking gun to 911!) HOUR 2: Jack is joined by musician and journalist Will Galison. Will was directly involved in the case of whistleblower “Sunny” Sheu. Mr Sheu, a legal immigrant from China via Taiwan, lost his property in NY via the forgery rot in the sub prime melt down of 08 – etc…. He found direct evidence of a conspiracy between a federal Judge and the Banking / Morgage scam system. He died for this knowledge! And his death was covered up by the media, the Obama Whitehouse, and all concerned!  The story is relayed on our show and the written story can be found here:

Collin Brewer, British Councillor, Condemned For Saying Disabled Children Should Be ‘Put Down’

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A local politician in Britain has found himself at the center of an angry controversy in his district, after inflammatory comments he made about disabled children were widely circulated.

In 2011, Cornwall Council member Collin Brewer told a member of the charity Disability Cornwall that, “Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down,” reports This Is Cornwall. The Disability Cornwall member was taking part in “an event to allow councillors to meet equalities organisations,” according to the site.

At the time, the organization made a formal complaint against the Councillor’s “depraved comment,” a move that led to an investigation by the council’s Standards Committee, according to This Is Cornwall.

The BBC reports that Brewer was forced to apologize when the investigation concluded recently. Brewer told the BBC that, while he had meant the comment to spark debate about budget issues, he didn’t mean his words to come out the way they did.

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