EXCLUSIVE: Texas military units received warning before Navy SEAL was killed


February 4, 2013

After Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was shot last Saturday, DeadlineLive.info contacted sources in the Texas military and found out that many units statewide were warned about a possible shooting. Members of the Texas National Guard, State Guard, Air National Guard and regular U.S. Army received security briefings related to possible upcoming shootings or other attacks against active duty members, reservists or veterans.

The security briefings took place just weeks, or even a few days before the shooting in certain military installations. Some troops were briefed last Saturday, the same day Kyle was shot. “You are all targets,” said one senior enlisted member from the guard to his troops during a briefing. “Be alert and take a look at your surroundings. As long as you’re wearing the uniform, you may be targeted by some bad people,” he said.

These recent briefings provided the troops with information on how to avoid being shot or kidnapped. Officers and senior enlisted are recommending that the troops close their Facebook accounts and other social media outlets.  Texas military units are on high alert and are recommending the troops to keep a low digital footprint and to avoid wearing the uniform in public as much as possible.

The troops were also ordered to refrain from engaging in political discussions, especially about the second amendment. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was a known pro-gun advocate. Recently, a group of Army Green Berets also published a letter in support of the constitution and the second amendment in particular.

Although the briefings did not specify any particular threat, the troops were told to be on high alert against shooters, kidnappers, or other attackers.  Despite the current security risks facing the military, the Texas National Guard and State Guard troops have recently been ordered to stop carrying concealed weapons while wearing the uniform. They were also instructed to remove any photos of them carrying a weapon in uniform from the internet.


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