The Great Gun Debate [RAP NEWS 18]

Are guns there to stop tyranny? Is tyranny already here? Are there other ways of stopping it than stocking up on munitions? Welcome, Minutemen, to Rap News 18, where we take a few minutes to explore one of the great debates taking place in the Divided States of America. It seems that no matter how high the body count on the latest attempt at topping the civilian shoot’em-up high-score table, this perennial debate shows no sign of abating, having morphed into a vigorous exegisis of the 2nd Command…err…. Amendment, as Americans seek to make sense of the original intentions of the great con-Founding Fathers. Persuasive arguments have been levied form both sides; and yet both sides have failed to convince the other. Is this the quintessential impasse? Join Robert Foster as he sets out to squeeze the juice from this most explsoive of current debates – featuring our two special regular guests: that son of a gun Terence Moonseed, and the big gun General Baxter.

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