EXCLUSIVE: Cop killer stayed at San Diego navy base, no one saw him leave


February 8, 2013

After the navy denied that cop killer Chris Dorner was inside the Point Loma Naval Station during the lockdown yesterday, today, officials finally admitted that he indeed was. San Diego’s Channel 10 news reported that “Mr. Dorner checked into the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites on February 5th, he was supposed to check out on the 6th. He did not physically check out,” said Cmdr. Brad Fagan, Navy Region SW public information officer.

Dorner might’ve used his Navy inactive reserve military ID or fake credentials to access base facilities. There was no record of Dorner checking out of the base hotel, and no one saw him leave. Yesterday, when the base went on lockdown, navy officials reported that someone saw a person matching Dorner’s description; however, they reported that they had no reason to believe he was on base.

That same night, a man called police to report that someone matching Dorner’s description tried to steal his yacht; however, he was not able to start the engine. The yacht club is right next to the Point Loma Navy Base. Apparently, Dorner had told the man that he needed the yacht to go to Mexico.

A few blocks from the yacht club, Dorner’s wallet was found near the San Diego airport, and some of his police gear was found in a dumpster near a police station in National City, which is close to the Mexican border.

Also, police in San Diego found a pickup truck that might be Dorner’s. It matched the description of the truck that was found burned near the Big Bear Ski Resort, but with Dorner’s old license plates.

If Dorner managed to get inside the Point Loma Navy Base, or his previous duty station at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado Island, he would have possibly have access to a small patrol boat that could be used to escape, or even access to weapons. Point Loma is the home base of some of the navy’s nuclear submarines. Coronado Island is the home base of naval amphibious units, patrol boats, and the Naval Special Warfare Command.

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