DRONE WARS & INTERNET FASCISM; Panetta Announces Pentagon’s New Medal For Drone Warfare & Cyber Warfare

February 14, 2013 by  
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This new “Distinguished Warfare Medal” outranks the Bronze Star, so it’s clear which direction they are heading… drone wars and internet fascism.


2013.2.14 Pentagon Creates Special Medal For Drone Pilots (RT, youtube.com):


Soon receiving military honors might be as easy as adjusting a joystick. The Pentagon is reportedly readying a new award, the new Distinguished Warfare Medal, which could be presented to any of the men and women of the US military who control unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes from thousands of miles away. Additionally, the troops that are involved in America’s covert cyberwars would also be eligible to receive the honors.

RT’s Liz Wahl has more on the medal.


2013.2.14 Medal Of Droner; Pentagon Award For Deadly Joystick Warriors (RT, youtube.com):


They may be known as the faceless killers of modern warfare, but it seems the US military wants them firmly in the spotlight. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced the creation of the Distinguished Warfare Medal, which will be handed out to joystick wielding drone pilots, who wage their battles far from the frontline.


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