TV actor says his picture was used for fake Dorner Facebook page

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That’s so Raven star RONDELL SHERIDAN was scared to go out in public while fugitive Christopher Dorner was on the loose because the actor was told he bears a striking resemblance to the dangerous cop killer.

The Los Angeles Police Department launched a massive manhunt last week (03Feb13) for former police officer Dorner, who was wanted on suspicion of fatally shooting a couple, killing a cop and leaving another officer injured.

He engaged in a vicious gun battle with cops at a mountain cabin in San Bernardino, California on Tuesday (12Feb13) which ended in the building burning to the ground, and Sheridan was relieved to hear the body found there was identified as Dorner’s.

The actor, who played Victor Baxter in the Disney sitcom, admits he noticed people giving him strange looks after the manhunt for Dorner began and he became nervous about going out in public.   He tells, “Honestly I know it’s nothing to laugh about, but I will admit I was a little nervous flying to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) last Sunday. I was like ‘Are people checking me out cause I was on TV or cause I look like that guy everybody’s looking for?'”

Rondell claims the confusion even led to his picture being featured on an “RIP Chris Dorner” page on instead of the face of the accused killer.

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