FBI Plot to Blow Up Bank in Oakland — Stopped by FBI (Feb ’13) / Plan was a False Flag to frame Anti Govt Activists!

Reminiscent of the NY Federal Reserve Plot in 2012!

Yet another terrorist plot put in motion by FBI is stopped by FBI just in time for FBI to take credit.

Oakland Bank Bomb Plot Suspect May Get Mental Health Evaluation

(Remember that THIS WAS THE FBI’S IDEA!!!!!!!)

FBI: Calif. Man Hoped to Incite ‘Civil War’ by Framing ‘Anti-Government’ Right-Wing Groups for Terror Attack

Deranged O’Bomba Supporter? Or just another willing DUPE with a 66 IQ?

Matthew Aaron Llaneza Charged in Bomb Plot, Wanted to Frame Anti Goverment Right Wing Groups

Credit: AP

Federal agents arrested 28-year-old California native Matthew Aaron Llaneza on Friday after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside a Bank of America in Oakland, according to the FBI. Llaneza, a Taliban sympathizer, plotted to blame the attack on right-wing, anti-government groups in a bid to incite a “civil war.”

“Llaneza’s arrest was the culmination of an undercover operation during which he was closely monitored by the FBI’s South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force. Unbeknownst to Llaneza, the explosive device that he allegedly attempted to use had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement and posed no threat to the public. Llaneza was charged this morning by criminal complaint with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction against property used in an activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce,” according to an FBI press release.

Prior to his arrest, Llaneza met with a man he thought was connected with the Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan — though he was actually an undercover FBI agent. The terrorist suspect suggested carrying out an attack against a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area using a car bomb. He planned to carry out the false flag attack and make it appear as if “the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers.”

“Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war,” the FBI release states.

(* Josh Tolly in this you tube keeps calling the suspect Adam Lanaza – which would be weird… His name is: Matthew Llaneza )


Dan Rather CBS – FBI Involvement in 1993 WTC Bombing

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  • LaTour Genealogical Collection

    FEBRUARY 8, 2013
    FBI — Federal Agents Arrest Man After He Attempts to Bomb … http://www.fbi.gov › … › Press Releases › 2013 February 8 – … Agents Arrest Man After He Attempts to Bomb Bank in Oakland … The complaint further alleges that Llaneza subsequently selected the Bank of America branch at 303

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    The Bank of America Building, also called Oakland Bank Building and Oakland Bank of Savings, is a 69 m (226 ft) high-rise located in downtown Oakland, California. The building was originally constructed with nine floors, and the 18-story tower was annexed later. It was built as a headquarters for the Oakland which was acquired by Bank of America in 1929.

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