JOHN KERRY; Secretary Of State’s ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ Dream & Links To Bilderberg Group, Nazis, And Skull & Bones Forebodes More Wars

As a follow up to my interview with Jack Blood, in which we discussed the OSS program “Operation Paperclip”, I thought it was relevent to create a brief article bolstering my claims regarding the significance of this movement of Nazis into the US at the end of WWII.  Skull & Bones members were peppered throughout the OSS, which later became the CIA under William Donovan.

The following is an incomplete but quick example of how deep connections between highly influential players and groups drive policy…


During John Kerry’s recent confirmation hearings for Secretary Of State he could not resist quoting from Henry Kissinger’s 1994 book exalting the creation of a “New World Order”.


2013.1.24 John Kerry New World Order Quote At Secretary Of State Confirmation Hearing (ABC,



Kerry seems rather obsessed with the idea of creating a “New World Order”, and this can be seen in his statements during the 1991 Persian Gulf Debates as he echos his fellow Skull & Bones member George Bush Sr.’s idea of “a New World Order is coming into view”.

Kerry manages to say “New World Order” SIX TIMES IN 81 SECONDS!!


2012.12.31 Skull & Bones John Kerry Talks About A New World Order (1991 Persian Gulf Debates) (C-SPAN,




George Bush Sr.:

  • Bilderberg Group, Bush Family helped finance Nazi’s rise to power & continued throughout the war, CIA Director, New World Order, Skull & Bones

Henry Kissinger (Heinz Kissinger):

  • Bilderberg Group, Nazi Collaborator, New World Order

John Kerry (Forbes):

  • Bilderberg Group, New World Order, Skull & Bones

Prince Bernhard Of The Netherlands:

  • Bilderberg Group Founder, Nazis SS Member



Bilderberg Group:

  • Planned extension of Nazi power and influence into the corporate and financial worlds (in my opinion).


  • OSS program “Operation Paperclip” brought Nazis into the US, Skull & Bones members were prominent OSS Agents and later CIA Agents.

Skull & Bones:

  • Germanic Death Cult, proto Nazis, connected to the occult group the Germanenorden and its offshoot the Thule Society, which eventually became the Nazi Party.


Even Kerry’s relative, Forbes, wrote an article about his selection as Secretary Of State being influenced by the Bilderberg Group, and also mentions their connection to Nazis.


2012.12.17 John Kerry, Tipped As The Next Secretary Of State, Has Bilderberg Links (


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