Phillip Marshall Wrote About a Conspiracy; Was He the Victim of One?

We have not covered this much because the details are so murky? Was Mr Marshall a pilot for Bush / Clinton drug smuggler Barry Seal? Did he kill his own children? We are still investigating…. For now this will have to do. ~ Jack

A Santa Barbara View Exclusive Report


Former airline pilot Phillip (alternately, “Philip”) Marshall spent a great deal of time around Santa Barbara last year preparing for the release of his controversial 9/11 conspiracy book “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror.”

During the editing and pre-marketing process of Marshall’s book, he expressed some degree of paranoia because the nonfiction work accused the George W. Bush administration of being in cahoots with the Saudi intelligence community in training the hijackers who died in the planes used in the attacks.

“Think about this,” Marshall said last year in a written statement, “The official version about some ghost (Osama bin Laden) in some cave on the other side of the world defeating our entire military establishment on U.S. soil is absolutely preposterous.”

Marshall went on to say: “The true reason the attack was successful is because of an inside military stand-down and a coordinated training operation that prepared the hijackers to fly heavy commercial airliners. We have dozens of FBI documents to prove that this flight training was conducted California, Florida and Arizona in the 18 months leading up to the attack.”

The veteran pilot confided that he was concerned about his 10-year, independent 9/11 study and most recent book since they pointed to the Saudis and the Bush intelligence community as the executioners of the attack that defeated all U.S. military defenses on Sept. 11, 2001. Marshall said he knew his book might cause some people to take issue with him.

Slaying victims Alex and Macaila Marshall with their father, Phillip Marshall.

However, could last weekend’s killings in the remote, gated community of Forest Meadows outside the tiny town of Murphys be another conspiracy? Although sheriff’s investigators don’t know the motive, they reported that the killings as a double murder and suicide. Marshall was found in his home’s doorway in a pool of blood with a 9mm Glock pistol that he had just showed to a friend two weeks ago.

The Calaveras County coroner is having a toxicology report performed on the blood of Marshall and his children to determine if any drugs are present in their blood streams, which is standard procedure in cases like this. Reports from the county sheriff indicate the children were sleeping when shot. The coroner said Macaila Marshall, 14, and Alex Marshall, 17, were lying 6 feet from each other on separate parts of a large U-shaped sectional couch.

When asked whether it was possible the children were drugged, the coroner said he couldn’t say yet. “That’s a good question,” he said in published reports. “We will be checking tox on everybody. It did appear as though they were sleeping.” The toxicology results and pathologist’s report could be completed within three weeks.

“Cause of death is all going to be single gunshot wound to the head for everybody,” the coroner said. The family dog also was found dead from a gunshot in a bedroom.


Calaveras County officials said conspiracy theories about the deaths are growing on online comment forums below stories about the incident. Many of these stem from Marshall’s involvement with the CIA as a contract pilot in the 1980s and the books he wrote about 9/11.

The children’s mother, Sean Marshall, was traveling on business in Turkey at the time of the killings. The coroner said she is expected to arrive in the area soon to make funeral arrangements.

2008 crime reports indicate friction between Marshall and his spouse. Phillip Marshall was jailed briefly on suspicion of slapping Sean Marshall’s sister, but he was not prosecuted. Last year, Marshall told one of his book editors that he still was disputing custody of his children with his ex-wife, but gladly attended his son’s football games and was quite close with daughter.

However, at that time Marshall was heavily involved with publishing what became his last book.

“After an exhaustive 10-year study of this lethal attack that used Boeing airliners filled with passengers and fellow crew members as guided missiles, I am 100 percent convinced that a covert team of Saudi intelligence agents was the source of logistical, financial and tactical resources that directed essential flight training to the 9/11 hijackers for 18 months before the attack,” Marshall wrote. “This conclusion was determined six years ago and all subsequent evidence has only served to confirm this conclusion.”

On March 1, two former U.S. senators, who headed separate 9/11 federal investigations, also raised the possibility of Saudi involvement in the attacks that killed 3,000 people and spurred the global War on Terror. In sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, former senators Bob Graham and Bob Kerrey, who saw top-secret information on the Saudis’ activities, said they believe that the Saudi government played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.

“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia,” former Senator Bob Graham said in an affidavit filed as part of a lawsuit brought against the Saudi government and dozens of institutions in the country by families of 9/11 victims and others. Graham headed a 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the attacks and has claimed he was muzzled into silence about his committee’s findings in 2002 by former Vice President Dick Cheney and other top members of the Bush intelligence community.

In his own sworn affidavit, Kerrey said “significant questions remain unanswered” about the role of Saudi institutions. “Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the (9/11) attacks has never been fully pursued,” Kerrey said in a March 1, 2012, New York Times article.

The affidavits, which were filed Feb. 24, are part of a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit going through federal courts since 2002. An appellate court, reversing an earlier decision, said in November that foreign nations were not immune to lawsuits under certain terrorism claims, clearing the way for parts of the Saudi case to be reheard in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Last year, Marshall spoke on the national radio broadcast AM Coast to Coast. He said the entire 9/11 episode was “a political stunt to favor the American shadow government that is currently doing business as the U.S. intelligence community.”


  • Yes he was murdered. No he didn’t suddenly go nuts and kill his own children. Coast to Coast radio is having a show on tonight, right now in fact – about it. He was planning another book too.

  • People who commit suicide dont kill dogs. SWAT-style hit teams kill dogs.

  • Open Letter to Calaveras Cnty. Sheriffs re. the death of the Marshall family.

    Please update your press releases. The official time of death in the Philip Marshall incident is wrong and the unofficial one is probably right (times are from Union Democrat and Calaveras Enterprise, the local media up there). Your press releases say it’s still being evaluated.

    The guy’s dead (Philip Marshall, ex-CIA, accused of murder-suicide around the time of Senate confirmation hearings for Brennan after he once pulled his name for unknown reasons).

    But Marshall still deserves his defense, which would be the paraffin tests, not just evidence found at the home, and ballistics tests, not just a box of bullets found with his wedding ring on top of them, and there were no pictures of any of this non-upsetting kinds of evidence in the news releases to reassure the public that a thorough job had been done.

    The paraffin tests should be done on his hands.

    In the next press release, can you tell the deputies’ names that first posited the “sleeping on a couch” theory, and what made them think the kids were sleeping on the couch when they were shot? There was no mention of bedding, pillows, etc. that could be construed to have given them this impression.

    And if you actually do know the time of death by now, and if it was Thursday (as is suggested by when the teenagers’ friends said they dropped off the radar and the fact that they missed school Thursday), please tell us whether or not you still think they were “sleeping” on the couch when they were shot with a 9mm handgun without a silencer.

    It makes a lot more sense for them to have been sleeping on a couch on a weekend or Friday than it would on a school night.



    Here are the links to the press releases (apparently not used by the local paper) and some questions about the press releases that led me to write this letter. -rs

    Dated feb 3.
    The Sheriffs’ version:

    —- excerpts
    A Murphys man identified as Phillip Marshall (54) took the life of his two juvenile children before taking his own life in an apparent murder-suicide. On February 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm Calaveras Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence on the 1200 block of Sandalwood Drive in the Forest Meadows subdivision, Murphys, for a suspicious circumstance/welfare check. The reporting parties, who are friends of the two victims, told investigators that they had not heard from the victims since Thursday,

    They also discovered the family dog deceased in a bedroom.

    The reason for the murder-suicide is unknown at this time.
    —- end excerpts


    Time of death still being determined. When was the “official time of death” determined to have been Saturday at the exact time when the bodies were found? Did the Union Democrat (local newspaper see below) get that information from the Sheriffs’ Dept.? If so, why didn’t the rest of us?

    The kids had not been heard from since Thursday, [other sources report they missed school Friday as well].

    Sleeping on couch theory not explained, bedding, pillows, or what?.

    “A bedroom” (not “THE bedroom” as some reports on the net have it, implying the kids did have their own bedrooms.

    The reason for calling it a murder-suicide is not explained (parafin test? ballisitcs?)What evidence at the scene was used to make this determination?

    No photos, no verbal descriptions, just a vague “we think that… so trust us.”

    Dated feb 4.

    —- excerpts
    On February 2, 2013 Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies and investigators investigated a double murder-suicide that occurred at a residence on the 1200 block of Sandalwood Drive in the Forest Meadows subdivision, Murphys.

    It was further determined that Phillip Marshall’s son and daughter, Alex Marshall (17) and Macaila Marshall (14), were asleep on the couch at the time they were shot. Foul play by outside persons has been ruled out, and evidence at the scene confirmed that Phillip Marshall was the shooter. The time of death is still being examined
    —- end excerpts


    Foul play by other persons has been ruled out? How was it ruled out? Finding evidence at the scene is not the same as doing ballistics and paraffin tests. A pile of bullets with a wedding ring (not mentioned in the press release) could have been planted if this were a hit by organized crime, for example.

    What evidence was found at the scene? What evidence was there that the children were sleeping? How did the Sheriffs get into the house? Was the house locked?

    At this time they are still saying the time of death is being examined.

    Feb 5.
    from the Guardian UK.
    —- excerpts
    John Brennan, Barack Obama’s nominee for CIA director, will come under renewed pressure at his confirmation hearing on Thursday to justify the targeted killing of US citizens in drone strikes, following the leak of a secret summary of the White House rationale for one its most controversial policies.
    —- end excerpts

    [This date above is significant because the accused suicide-murderer claimed to have inside knowledge of a CIA conspiriacy.]

    It is now Feb 13 and there are no new updates at the sheriffs dept.

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    —- excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.
    —- end excerpts

    Now this is highly problematic in that the kids were then “sleeping on the couch” instead of in their own rooms on a Saturday, which is not unusual. But if they were killed on Thursday, they they were “sleeping in the living room” on a school night and the time of death has changed, is changing, or hasn’t been evaluated yet.

    Did the kids often sleep in the living room on school nights? Were they allowed to sleep in their own rooms at all? In fact it’s not even clear if the kids had bedrooms. Which bedroom was the dog shot in?

    The mother was in Turkey when she was notified of the deaths, according to several sources on the internet. Who had legal custody of the children? Was he a fit parent?

    [Everyone, including a county supervisor that lived four doors down from him apparently thought so. Only the ex-wife from a previous marriage that ended in divorce in the mid-1980s had anything negative to say about him. All of this background was gleened from internet articles. -rs]

    Does the accused have a right to a fair trial? Witnesses for his defense (i.e., paraffin and ballistics tests, just to make sure)?

    Why the dual “time of death” confusion? Will the time of death become more clear or less clear as more time passes?

    Additional Notes/Updated Questions:

    The family dog was killed but if the investigation is taken to have been complete, the cat survived. (Find “macaila #pissed”) on the net.

    The toxicology results should be back any time between today and next week. These results, the coroner said, might shed light on how the kids “appeared to have been sleeping” through getting shot with an unsilenced glock 9mm inside the house.

    Madsen reported that Mashall was right handed (verifiable from pix on the net) and that he died from a bullet wound to the left temple. This is NOT verifiable on the net. If pictures exist (hopefully taken by the sheriffs since they so hastily cleaned the crime scene) who besides Madsen has seen them, and why aren’t they available to the public who trust these law enforcement and forensics experts to do at least the minimally competent job.

    If it never occurred to the Sheriffs (who never mentioned even ‘bedding or pillows’ that a pillow or blanket could have been used as a ‘suppressor’, shouldn’t this investigation be redone from the beginning by someone less blinded by prejudice and with more skill in the area of murders?

    Why haven’t the press releases been updated. Even the time of death is non-committal, though it’s significant if the time of death was Thursday (a school night) because Marshall’s last post at his twitter page was also on Thursday (Jan 31, 3013).

    [The link below is NOT broken as of this writing. The other one posted at most blog pages and media sites is broken. -rs]

  • [Here’s a bit more, and some duplicate info, all in a single post]

    Here’s a petition to have this case taken up by the DoJ.

    Here’s an aireal view of the Marshalls’ house.

    The toxicology results should be in any time now. I guess the coroner hopes testing for drugs will make sense out of how the two kids who died on Saturday at 3 pm and/or Thursday night slept through getting shot along with their dog (but not the cat)

    On Feb 6 the Union Democrat reports:
    —- excerpts
    The time of the discovery, 3 p.m. Saturday, will be listed as the official time of death.
    —- end excerpts

    Fortunately for the sheriffs, their alibi is that they did not tell the time of death in the press releases.

    Note: If the cat was wounded we may never know because the sheriffs have already destroyed the evidence at the crime scene.

    Dated feb 3.
    The Sheriffs’ version:

    Dated feb 4.
    The Sheriffs’ version:

    In fact they didn’t tell whether paraffin tests were done, ballistics tests, to see if Marshall was indeed the killer, nor did they report any DNA from the cat which might have been wounded, since the alleged murderer managed to kill both of his kids, you’d imagine he’d have killed both of his pets too. And there’s no mention of photographs that might have been taken prior to the hasty cleanup of the crime scene.

    But there’s a question as to whether or not he killed any of them, actually.
    tarquin feb 5, 2013
    Phil was NOT depressed. He did NOT take his life. He did NOT murder his kids. Only a few days ago he said that “I have a gun, but it would be useless if I needed it because I got no bullets for it”, (then he laughed!). I knew Phil, and he had everything to live for and he doted over his two beautiful kids.

    And it appears that the sheriffs themselves may not have been so sure either.

    Why did they contact the county supervisor that lived four doors down from Philip Marshall? Was it to get her opinion or to shape it.

    Since the kids quit responding to text messages on Thursday and they didn’t go to school Friday, the coroner’s theory that the sleeping children were killed on Saturday afternoon (when the bodies were found) may be flawed. And if it is flawed, the most likely times of death would be Thursday.

    Here’s Philip Marshall’s twitter page, not broken as of Feb 26, but you might want to download it.

    Notice that his posts are consistent in their tone from Jan 12 to Jan 31 (the Thursday the family most likely died). One interesting change though is his change from using to about a week before his death, and another interesting detail is a broken link to an article that was about rupert murdoch and the movie zero dark thirty.

    So the ONLY evidence publicly available besides the sheriffs and coroner’s theory contradicts their conclusion. If they have photos of the crime scene or other evidence that could make sense of their conclusions it would be in the public interest as well as their own to publish the evidence that so far has not been forthcoming.

    Wayne Madsen scooped the story and has learned that Philip Marshall was right handed and that he died from a gunshot to his left temple. That he was right handed can be verified by photos on the net. That he was shot in the left temple can NOT be verified. And so how did Madsen come across this information and is it even correct? Did he get it from the sheriffs? Did they take photos of the crime scene before destroying the evidence? And why did Madsen zero in on this story rather than the Christopher Dorner manhunt which had ten times the number of google hits and culminated in a positive ID from a wallet and ID that somehow survived the conflagration undamaged? has closed the thread (search “philip marshal victim”), just as the final insult is due in from the lab in Sacramento.

    Looks to me like this football field has the field goals, not in the end zones, but at the cheerleaders’ benches.

    In any case, Marshall ends one of his articles at the top of this page
    — excerpt
    Yet, there is good news. The $15 trillion they have “lost” looking for Osama bin Laden did not vanish from the face of the earth, it simply went to a place where we can’t see it. Thanks to our founding fathers, American citizens come armed with a Constitution, and are backed with judicial and penal systems.
    — end excerpt

    Make it so.

  • There’s also the concern about the missing computer. Since when do authors working on a new book hide or steal their own computers prior to ‘committing suicide’ with a gun for which they had no bullets? Who has the forensic records of the bullets in each person & dog, and were they compared with his Glock? Did you find they didn’t match? How strange… Isn’t the common term for collusion ‘whitewash’, lies told to cover a crime by the state or others at the top? Otherwise there would be a strong effort to find the criminals, and that dear readers seems clearly absent seeing they dismissed it right away with the claim the crime was a murder/suicide.

    It sounds ever so much like the assassination of JFK, the two bullets which were extracted from his body didn’t match, and didn’t match the rifle owned by the patsy known as Oswald. American’s have long been under the control of a criminal organization run by an alien religion. I hope you wake up and realize who it is and prosecute all of them and their crime syndicate for numerous acts of treason and the vast numbers of crimes they commit daily.

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