WAR ON MALI; EU Army Sending 500 Troops From 16 EU Countries To Mali For 15 Months ‘Training’, Armed Austerity

EU Army troops from 16 EU countries, plus Norway, are being sent to Mali to “train” Mali troops who have already been trained for years by the US and France.  My guess is this 500 troop number will greatly expand in the coming months.

See my previous EU Armed Austerity article projecting more military interventions by the EU Army… because that’s what they said they would do.  This will be like an EU cancer spreading across Africa, with the help of US drones.


2013.2.19 ‘EU Troops Seek To Break Mali Into Pieces’ (Interviews Douglas De Groot) (PressTV, youtube.com):


An analyst sees EU troop presence in Mali as a danger and a potential catalyst for a Western-style military intervention or even a partition of the country.

In the background of this the European Union has joined the French war in Mali with the formal approval for deployment of 500 troops. Thousands of French troops are already intervening in Mali to reign in armed militants that are trying to take over the northern part of the country and risk spillover into other countries most notably Algeria. No reason has been put forward as to why these 500 extra troops from the EU are needed or what they can do that the French cannot.

Press TV has interviewed Douglas De Groot from the Executive Intelligence Review, Washington about this issue.


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