WAR ON AFGHANISTAN; Karzai Accuses US & Taliban Of Working Together To Coordinate Bombings During Chuck Hagel’s Visit

“Are the US government and the Afghan Taliban working together? Afghan President Hamid Karzai seems to think so after a couple of bombings in Kabul yesterday.  He said they were carried out by the Taliban in coordination with the American government. The United States is supposed to withdraw most troops by the end of next year, and Karzai suggested the US is using terror attacks to preview how things will turn, once they leave.” – FOX News Radio


I just happened to catch this report by FOX News Radio, only once, and after searching YouTube for more details I realized just how poorly reported this very important story is.  See audio file below of the FOX News Radio report which I saved.  The only YouTube video with any details follows this.  I’ve also included another video from last December when Karzai accused the US, NATO, and “Private Security Firms” of destabilizing the country, saying, “there is a very strong perception that some of that insecurity is intentional.”


2013.3.10 Are The US Government & Afghan Taliban Working Together? (FOX News Radio):


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2013.3.10 Afghan Accusations; Karzai Says US & Taliban Are Cooperating To Worsen Security Situation (JewishNewsOne, youtube.com):


Afghan President Hamid Karzai has accused the Taliban and the US of working together to convince Afghans that violence will worsen if foreign troops leave the country.  Karzai said that two deadly suicide bombings over the weekend demonstrated that the insurgent group is conducting attacks at the service of America.  He said both Washington and the Taliban want US forces to stay beyond the end of 2014, when most U.S.-led forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan.


Hold on, so the Taliban want the US forces, that they are supposedly fighting, to stay past 2014?  Very interesting.  This also goes along with older videos I’ve seen of Afghans claiming that Bush was arming the Taliban in the mountains.


2012.12.6 Hamid Karzai; US, NATO Behind Afghan ‘Insecurity’ (NBC, youtube.com):


Afghan President Hamid Karzai had some harsh words for the United States and NATO during a Thursday interview with NBC News.

Karzai accused the U.S. of violating its strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan, and he indicated that “part of the insecurity [in Afghanistan] is definitely coming to us from terrorism and the attacks of the Taliban.”  He continued with a criticism of the U.S., adding, “part of the insecurity is coming to us from the structures that NATO and America created in Afghanistan.”

The Afghan leader singled out “the private security firms” and “the contractors that they promoted at the cost of the Afghan people.”

Karzai also partly blamed the insecurity in Afghanistan on “the way they [the U.S., NATO] behaved with the Afghan people and the anger that that has caused in the Afghan people and the resulting insecurity.”  He added, “there is a very strong perception that some of that insecurity is intentional.”

The U.S. actions that stirred anger to which he was likely referring include an incident in which Marines were shown in a video urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters.  After the video came to light, Karzai called the actions of those involved “inhuman.”  Two Marines were criminally charged for their actions.  In another incident, U.S. soldiers were implicated in the burning of copies of the Koran.

Karzai also leveled criticism at the U.S. in November, when he accused U.S. forces of violating a detainee transfer pact signed between the two countries.

New violence struck Afghanistan on Thursday when the country’s intelligence chief, Asadullah Khalid, was wounded by a suicide bombing.  The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

NBC points out, per the U.N., that “in the first six months of 2012 alone, more than 3,000 civilians were killed or injured” in Afghanistan.


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