FASCISM RISING; Latvia, Nazi Veterans March, ‘Supported At Highest Political Levels’, Anti Fascist Leader Beaten

“Latvia’s anti Fascist movement has been fighting these marches for a decade, with no success.  They fear this movement is getting stronger as Latvia’s economy gets weaker, and strengthening it is a well planned government tactic. – RT


The exact same tactic is being used in Greece, other countries in Europe, and soon in America when austerity is implemented jointly by the Democratic and Republican war parties who are going to knife the public in the back… this is all part of “Creative Destruction” to create a fascist “New World Order”.


2013.3.16 Fascist Flashback; Nazi Vets Parade In Latvia Dividing Society (RT, youtube.com):


Latvian veterans who fought alongside German Nazis during World War Two have held their annual march through the capital.  With the mood traditionally intense there were a number of arrests after the leader of a local anti-fascist group was beaten up.  The parade’s distinct nationalist tone and clear Nazi references also raised concern outside Latvia.  Alexey Yaroshevsky was there.


2012.3.17 Nazi Heroes? Waffen SS Hailed In Latvia (RT, youtube.com):


Over a thousand people in Latvia have gathered to pay heroes’ honours to SS veterans in a controversial annual march.  Many condemned the rally as glorifying Nazism, worried about it inspiring nationalistic youths.  Despite that, it’s got support at the highest political levels, as Jacob Greaves reports.



  • I regret that all you are doing here is parroting Russian propaganda. All Latvians do is commemorate the Latvian Legion who (a) had nothing to do with fascism (b) had nothing to do with the Holocaust (c) were illegally conscripted by Nazi Germany and (d) only fought against the RE-invading Soviet army, which had brutally occupied Latvia for an entire year prior to the Nazi Germany invasion. Their goal was to drive first the Red Army, then Nazi German forces, from their home, repeating their post WWI war of independence, repulsing Bolshevik forces, then German.

    • Then why all the proudly worn Nazi bling???????????

      • Those were the Latvian Legion uniforms they wore in battle, simple as that. They wore Latvian flags folded under their uniforms, for which they could be shot, hoping for the day, just as after WWI, that they first drove the Russians from their homeland and then turned on the Germans and drove them out too. You don’t seem to know anything about Latvian history other than to condemn Latvians for glorifying Nazism based on what Russian propaganda tells you. What a load of utter crap.

        There’s no “Nazi bling”. No one marches with Nazi swastika flags,

        • P.S. Contrary to the propaganda Russia has plastered all over the Internet on its embassy web sites about the Latvian Legion Waffen SS being convicted war criminals at Nuremberg, Latvian Legionnaires were stationed as Allied guards at Nuremberg. Russia is well aware of the true nature of historical events but chooses to malign its neighbors for its own purposes.

  • On this Latvian Legion Day (or any other day) nobody supports Nasism of Fascism – it is just a day when Latvian soldiers are commemorated as they thought that they fought for the lesser evil between two. In 1941 Soviets deported thousands of people from Latvia including women and children (as the quotas had to be filled) to Syberia to prison camps in overcrowded cattle wagons. Many died on the way, others died because of the very harsh conditions in those camps and only few could return. In total Russian government deported 3 million people between 1941 and 1949 from various regions to Siberia and the Central Asian republics. So should have Latvians in 1943 (when Latvian Legion of Waffen SS was formed) fought FOR the Soviets within their ranks AGAINST Nazi? Would you if you if your relatives and your fellow countrymen would have been deported? The men were forced to join either the Russian army or the Nazi army. In fact they almost had NO choice. There were many cases when a brother fought its own brother or even his own father on separate sides.

  • This is a confused article. Original fascism was all about controlling the banks, asserting national sovereignty, waking up the man in the street.

    The current New World order is nothing like the above. It is all about the bankers continuing to rule our leaders, the bankers run the show, and the NWO is predominantly Jewish.

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