ASSASSINATION? Indigenous Truther, artist, and activist “Splitting the Sky” died from a head injury? Push for Truth!

* Please – If someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall – don’t “fall” for it! Long Live my Friend and yours, Splitting the Sky! See you in the next life Mon Ami!  ~ jack Blood (Listen to our tribute to STS in our archives March 19th 2013)

AKA: John Boncore (good heart) Splitting the Sky
March 18, 2013

A political activist was found dead in his home on March 12, the B.C. Coroners Service confirmed on Monday.

The coroner’s service is continuing to investigate what caused the death of John Boncore, 61, although foul play has been ruled out. (ahem!!!)

An initial account indicated that Boncore died after falling on a path on the Adams Lake reserve near Chase, but that was not the case, said Barb McLintock with the coroner’s office in Victoria.

“We have a very close description of where he was found and there is no question,” McLintock said, adding that someone may have seen him earlier on the trail. “He was unequivocally in his house.”

Boncore’s friends in Alberta were concerned that his sudden death should be thoroughly investigated because his activism could have made him a target for violence. He was a carpenter and actor, but worked for decades on the front lines of activism, most recently in opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Larry McKillop, one of those friends, indicated that they hoped for an inquiry or an independent autopsy. He was told that neither one is a possibility, but that the coroner’s autopsy and toxicology results should be known in a month’s time, not four months as originally stated.

He felt it was premature to dismiss Boncore’s death as simply an accident or possibly due to alcohol. (smear campaign!)

“I’d hate for this to be swept under the rug if something had happened,” he said.

McKillop said he was told that Boncore fell on concrete in his bedroom, where his body was found. He is believed to have died the previous day.

“Somebody dropped him off on Monday night,” McKillop said. “That was the last person who saw him. He was found dead on Wednesday morning.”


  • Im sorry to hear about this. Seams to be that more and more truthers are dying at young ages and of mysterious circumstances. Be brave, be truthful, be careful.

  • It is my understanding the family can demand an independent autopsy, only they would have to pay for it themselves. If they feel it is important, we should start fundraising for that.

  • Curiouser and curiouser… Yes, the family can ask for a private autopsy and should… Nasty stuff, this…

  • so now another one brothers fell off is bed,died from a head injury anyone here that?living a activist doing what is right that is dangerous for us activist aboriginal people.the dictators always find some way to get rid of us,and they know real good lies and get way with it.

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