The Jack Blood Show – March 19 2013

TUESDAY March 19th 2013 – Hour 1: Jack Blood welcomes Texas activist and fellow talk host Phil Pepin ( to break down the sorid past, present, and future of GOP “Rock Star” Ted Cruz. Also…. the future of the Liberty Movement! (Phil was the campaign mngr for Glen Addison – the TRUE liberty candidate that both the MSM and Ron / Rand Paul ignored. HOUR 2: the one and only Larry Pinkney is back to help us memorialize our friend and fellow artist / activist John Boncore Hill (aka: Splitting the Sky) who we now believe may have been assassinated. Larry is a former political prisoner and a REAL Black Panther, whom has been highly critical of the “Hope and Change” that our first “black” president has promised. A Touching and gripping story of captive Leonard Peltier told first hand by Larry in this historic intevview.

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