• Shouldn’t that website be in Russian?

    Can you explain that inconsistency?

    I see many questions in the governments story. I’d like to see the other side tighten up.

  • “I never done it, they set me up”? You had 4 days to explain to the world about what happened, instead you spent them doing God (sorry, allah) knows what, managed to carjack an innocent person at gun point, and have a shootout with police after they locked practically the whole city down, looking for your stupid ass. Yeah, I buy that. That’s exactly what an innocent person would do.

    • Well, Daniel, whatever they did or didn’t do, for or not for parts of the FBI or CIA (which does what it can to promote Chechen terrorism, among other things), these guys also had 4 days to go on the RUN and didn’t.

  • Thank you for sharing.

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