FASCISM RISING; Canada, Stalled Anti Terrorism Law Passed In Wake Of Boston Bombings & VIA Rail Plot, Fake Terrorism Used Again To Push Through Laws

Is it just a coincidence that Canada had another timely “foiled terrorism plot”, on queue, to help grease the skids for the passing of the stalled Combating Terrorism Act?  If people cannot see how obvious this is then they must be willfully blind or simply naive.

I’m calling this “VIA Rail Plot” to be “fake terrorism”, because I don’t believe in coincidence theories, and there’s also past precedent showing the Canadian government used “fake terrorism” to force through legislation.

The so called “2006 Ontario Terrorism Plot”, also known as the “Toronto 18”, was a clear case of police entrapment, rolled out with perfect timing, to justify increases in CSIS (Canada’s CIA) and RCMP budgets.

The video below, “Unfair Dealing”, clearly documents the “Toronto 18” entrapment.


2013.4.27 ‘Canada Using Scare Tactics To Pass Anti Terrorism Bill’ (PressTV, youtube.com):


A new anti-terrorism bill, which passed the House of Commons in Canada is not only being called controversial but a violation of civil rights.

The Combating Terrorism Act sat in the House of Commons for months, but this week the Conservative party managed to push it through, reinstating expired laws and making major provisions.  It gives authorities unprecedented power to probe those they feel are potential terrorist.

It comes right after the Boston Marathon bombings in the U.S. and the alleged foiled plot on Canada’s railing system that resulted in arrests.  The government has denied the arrests were timed to garner support for this legislation.


2008.3.13 Unfair Dealing; The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat (UnfairDealing, youtube.com):


Summer 2006 – Canadian law enforcement round up 18 young Muslims, and arrest them on terrorism charges… Were they a legitimate threat?  Or were the Canadian people fooled?


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  • In the wake of Bill C-24 I started to question whether or not the bill is justified. I already have ideas of the falsification of terrorism and wanted to see what hidden articles on the net exist about terrorism in Canada. Its a real shame, honest Canadian citizens will be affected by this law by having their citizenship revoked because they are not ethnic born Canadians. People need to start questioning everything the mainstream news outlets spit out.

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