The Jack Blood Show – April 29 2013

Monday 4.29.13 – First hour of the Jack Blood Show – New evidence points to Boston Cops killed by Friendly fire NOT the Brothers! Also Breaking news from (second hour with Mack White in the Jack Blood Show section) Dont forget to Donate (honor system) for these free archives to – STAY BOLD!


  • Show’s from 2011, not 2013.

    • yeah – sorry – we have something weird happening with the site…. working on it now – thanks!

      • Why cant I download podcast file to listen to. I can only stream even when i click download it streams. Please fix this. I am new to your show and would like to listen to this while i work without killing my battery on the phone for streaming. Thanks and Love your show!!

        • sorry – we are short handed and have a suspiciously unusual amount of site malfunctions – dont give up as we are pretty good most of the time! Thanks for commenting! – jb

      • Hey, thanks for letting us know, not many people in similiar positions as you can ‘Find the time’ to look into it, let alone personally reply.
        Much respect, God bless.

  • Great article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank new jersey firearms transfer form to fill out?

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