FASCISM RISING; Greece, Golden Dawn & Syriza Party Clash Over ‘Heil Hitler!’ Cries In Greek Parliament

(AE) – The Golden Dawn have always strongly denied being Neo Nazis, yet they promote Nazi literature, perform Right Arm Salutes, and scream “Sieg Heil!”… this time they’ve been busted for yelling “Heil Hitler!” in Greek Parliament.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Golden Dawn bringing top German Neo Nazi leaders into the Greek Parliament building, see my previous article here, they’re simply misunderstood nationalists!!


2013.5.17 Golden Dawn & Syriza Clash Over ‘Heil Hitler’ Cries In Greek Parliament (Euronews, youtube.com):


The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is at the centre of another political row in Greece after one of its MPs was expelled from parliament amid cries of “Heil Hitler”.

The sitting president had already warned Panayiotis Iliopoulos for repeatedly violating parliamentary rules by insulting fellow deputies.

After he had called them “goats”, “scoundrels” and “wretched people”, security guards were called to lead him away.

The phrase “Heil Hitler “ was clearly heard three times – although who shouted it is in dispute.  Golden Dawn claims the cries came from left-wing deputies from the opposition Syriza party.

However, Stavros Kontonis, an MP from Syriza, is having none of it.

“For second time this week we hear Hitler being glorified inside parliament by Golden Dawn MPs.  It’s strange the fact that in order to distance themselves from praising Hitler in a provocative way, they claimed it was me who uttered this phrase ironically.  But this is refuted by their own evidence,” he told euronews.

Amid anger at the recession and resentment at immigration, Golden Dawn won 18 seats in last year’s Greek elections.

Several deputies have had their immunity from prosecution, lifted pending criminal charges.



  • Your reporting of this incident is nothing more than a parroting of the globalist controlled mainstream media. How does it feel to be used as a tool for your own demise???

    “Lies on behalf of the “antiracist” law
    Friday, May 17, 2013

    “Few moments ago the proceeding of the Parliament were published, according to which the Syriza’s MP (and actor on his profession) Mr. Pantzas yelled “Heil Hitler”. Of course, the Media in Greece and the rest of the world ignored that, and released news that accused the Golden Dawn for this.

    We would like to see an apology from all those people that were bombarding us with the same old repetitive accusations, but we are realists. We know that they won’t do it, because they carried out their mission – to reinforce support for the upcoming “antiracist” law that bans free speech and has as its target the Golden Dawn and every resisting Greek. We will make sure all those responsible will receive the maximum punishment for sycophancy as predicted by the law.

    A fight broke out between Golden Dawn and Syriza before the incident. After Syriza’s MPs commented our MPs, we though it would be appropriate to give them a comeback. While speaking, MP Iliopoulos referred to Alexis Tsipras as “Mr. Alexis” (while speaking Greek). The President of the Parliament (that is from Syriza as well) found this as a good enough reason to expel the MP. When we protested about this charade while we had Syriza calling us murderers and other insults, the President however did nothing , in fact he even joined the Syriza MPs in the insults, calling us criminal gang members. We intensely protested against the unlawful behavior of the corrupt president, at which point he shut down the microphones of the all the Golden Dawn MPs. Once the Syriza MPs hailed Hitler, all the GD MPs left the Parliament – we would have to combat the propaganda that would immediately be broadcasted all over the world.

    After the verbal clash between the Golden Dawn and Syriza, two MPs of the latter party admitted that the phrase came from their side, something that is supported by actual evidence. Here, at 5:27 we can hear a female voice screaming “Heil Hitler” (Note that our female MPs were ALL absent due to other responsibilities), 2 seconds later, we can hear the same phrase again from a male voice -again from the side of Syriza.

    After the initial lie that the Golden Dawn MPs hailed Hitler was debunked, they changed their tactic. They started claiming that it was our MPs that shouted it first. Mysteriously, not a single microphone captured this event. Now, the Media reports that “Nazi slogans were shouted in the Greek Parliament”, conveniently forgetting to mention who said it. The masses that are daily exposed to their lies and their campaign against us, connect the dots…. it MUST be Golden Dawn.

    The leftists are cowards and liars. Now, through the proceedings of the Parliament, the truth shines once again.”



    • “How does it feel to be used as a tool for your own demise???”

      Hahaha, you people are soooooo delusional… I’ve lost track of how many times you’ve been caught lying, maybe that’s why I don’t believe your “Golden Dawn Blog”.

      Can you provide one credible news source to back up your claims????

      I clearly hear that it’s Panagiotis Iliopoulos’ voice yelling “Heil Hitler!” three times in the video… I hear no other voices yelling this.

      Here’s the full length version of the incident for those who want to hear it for themselves:


      You continuously expose yourselves to be the Nazis that you are, and you don’t even have the guts to admit it.
      You destroy your own reputations by your actions and then you lie and try to blame others.

      Was it Communists, Jews, or Syriza who forced you to do the following??:

      – Randomly attack black and brown people on the streets
      – Attack black and brown vendors to destroy their businesses
      – Punch a woman in the face, multiple times, on live TV
      – Promote and sell Nazi literature like Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”
      – Invite German Neo Nazis into the Greek Parliament building
      – Perform fascist “Right Arm Salutes”
      – Shout “Sieg Heil!” at your pagan Nazi rallies
      – Play “Flight Of the Valkyries” at your pagan Nazi rallies (what, is there no good Greek music to play????)
      – Golden Dawn works with and for the Greek police (ie, the government) to attack and beat Greek demonstrators who are trying to protest against the EU banker controlled government (why do you collaborate with the government against the people????)

      You people are easy to see, because you can’t control yourselves, just like the Nazis you worship.

      Now go serve your fascist German EU bankers… 88… 88!!

    • How does it feel to support a nazi party half a century after Hitler slaughter half of Europe?

  • Just as well the commies were there to sort out them nasty ol’ nazis, huh? Marxism only massacred 100000000 folk in the 20th century, and are just the people you want as moral guardians 🙂

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