Feds Accused of Harassing “Boston Bomber” Friends, and Friends of Friends

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Who What Why (to read the full story)

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In the six months since the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI has by all appearances been relentlessly intimidating, punishing, deporting and, in one case, shooting to death, persons connected, sometimes only tangentially, with the alleged bombers.

All of these individuals have something in common: If afforded constitutional protections and treated as witnesses instead of perpetrators, they could potentially help clear up questions about the violence of April 15.  And they might also be able to help clarify the methods and extent of the FBI’s recruitment of immigrants and others for undercover work, and how that could relate to the Bureau’s prior relationship with the bombing suspects—a relationship the Bureau has variously hidden or downplayed.

Who Cares? We Do

The Boston tragedy may seem like a remote, distant memory, yet the bombing warrants continued scrutiny as a seminal event of our times. It was, after all, the only major terror attack in the United States since 9/11. With its grisly scenes of severed limbs and dead bodies, including that of a child, it shook Americans profoundly.

As importantly, in its aftermath we’ve seen public acquiescence in an ongoing erosion of civil liberties and privacy rights that began with 9/11—and to an unprecedented expansion of federal authority in the form of a unique military/law enforcement “lockdown” of a major metropolitan area.

Nonetheless, at the time, most news organizations simply accepted at face value the shifting and thin official accounts of the strange events. Today few give the still-unfolding saga even the most minimal attention. And it is most certainly still unfolding, as we shall see.

The Little-Noticed Post-Marathon Hunt

The FBI’s strange obsession with marginal figures loosely connected to the bombing story began last May, with the daily questioning of a Chechen immigrant, Ibragim Todashev, and of his girlfriend and fellow immigrant, Tatiana Gruzdeva. Todashev had been a friend of the alleged lead Boston Marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died in a hail of police gunfire four days after the bombing. Tsarnaev’s younger brother Dzhokhar barely survived a massive police strafing of a trailered boat in which he was hiding, trapped and unarmed.

During one interrogation in Orlando, Florida, where Todashev was living, something went awry and he ended up dead from gunshots. Although to date the FBI has provided only hazy and inconsistent accounts of that incident, the killing of a suspect and potential witness in custody was clearly a highly irregular and problematical occurrence, replete with apparent violations of Bureau and standard law-enforcement procedure.

On the heels of those two deaths and the one near-death has followed what appears to be a concerted effort directed against a larger circle of people connected, if not to the Tsarnaevs, then to Todashev.

The purpose of this campaign is not clear, but it has raised some eyebrows.

In an interview with WhoWhatWhy, Hassan Shibly, executive director of the Florida chapter of the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), described aggressive behavior directed by FBI agents at vocal friends of the dead Todashev: using suspected informants to monitor their press conferences, following targeted individuals around, interrogating them for hours—often without an attorney, and jailing them on what he says are trumped-up charges.

Shibly further claims that government agents are threatening these immigrants with deportation unless they agree to “cooperate”—a tactic which he portrays as seeking to enroll these people as de facto spies for the federal government.

Two people have left the country to escape further harassment. Another has been deported, while a fourth is currently facing deportation; none  of them has a criminal record. The bulk of this group were at most friends of a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev—and apparently didn’t personally know either of the Tsarnaevs.


Tatiana Gruzdeva

Tatiana Gruzdeva

One of these targets was Tatiana Gruzdeva, Todashev’s 20-year-old girlfriend. She was deported to Russia on October 11.

Gruzdeva had been in the US on a student visa. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) public affairs officer Carissa Cutrell, Gruzdeva had overstayed that visa—a common situation for foreign students studying in the US—but on August 9 she had been granted a “deferred action” status valid for one year, and therefore was for that period in the country legally.

Gruzdeva was nonetheless picked up by FBI and ICE agents on Oct. 1 while attending a scheduled meeting with an immigration officer to obtain a work visa.  According to Gruzdeva, she was told she was being taken because she had “talked to Boston Magazine” and had described Todashev as “a good guy.”


Canadians Seek Dick Cheney’s Arrest For War Crimes During Upcoming Visit

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An international volunteer organization urged Canadian authorities to arrest former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney on war crimes charges when he visits the 2013 Toronto Global Forum later this week.

Lawyers Against the War argued in a letter dated Sunday that Toronto Police Chief William Blair and Ontario Attorney General John Gerretsen have a duty to arrest Cheney “as a person suspected on reasonable grounds of authorizing, counseling, aiding, abetting and failing to prevent torture.”

“Once Richard (Dick) Cheney enters Canada … Canada must ensure that Dick Cheney is either investigated and prosecuted for the indictable offence of torture in Canada or extradited to another country willing and able to do so,” Lawyers Against the War’s Gail Davidson wrote.

Full Article

October 30 1938: War of the Worlds Broadcast Panics America

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ACA Precedent? Paying a Tax for NOT Doing Something May Become the New “Normal”

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We might as well rename Cousin Barry Obama, “The Precedent and Thief” —- thank you thank you…. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!


Godfather  Politics

King George III

A friend sent me an image of King George III with the following text layered over the image. It reads:

“You mean to tell me that we can tax them for NOT buying tea?”

Can you imagine how much money could be raised by taxing people for not doing something? It’s genius.

When we think of taxes, we think of things and services being taxed: gasoline, land, automobiles, etc. You name it, and the State will tax it.

Ronald Reagan (he would know)  had a great line describing how “liberals” think about taxes:

“If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

But neither King George nor Ronald Reagan ever considered that liberals would tax people for NOT doing something. In this case, for not buying insurance.

King George and every other tyrant would be kicking themselves that they had never thought of it.

It took a Supreme Justice to validate the proposition that a person can be taxed for not doing something that he does not want to do and the Constitution does not require him to do. If a person can be taxed for not buying insurance, will the day come when the State steps in and begins to tax people for not eating the right kind of foods, reading the right kind of books, and associating with the right kinds of people?
Read more HERE

“I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! I WANT IT BACK!” Naomi Wolf Rally Against NSA Surveillance

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Japan Government Says They Refused To Cooperate With NSA To Spy On Japanese Citizens

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New Illinois Law to Centralize Health Care

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My eldest daughter works as a billing specialist for a doctor here in Chicago. Her job more or less requires that she familiarize herself with the laws regulating doctors and the insurance industry. Unlike the layman who simply wants to see a doctor when illness strikes and be able to afford the treatments offered in order to get well again, she has to get into the guts of a system that requires 1500+ page tomes trying to determine the cost for treating every malady imaginable. As such, she has been studying a proposed new law, The State Health Care Innovation Plan, or SHCIP, that the Illinois legislature will soon be voting on. It is 200+ pages or so long, and what she has read concerned her so that she gave me the first 8 pages to read to ask me what I thought of it. Read more

Obama knew of NSA spying on Merkel and approved it, report says

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  This will not go down well – Germany is the Euro economic powerhouse! If you want to bug the other guys at the poker table OK…. just know what happens when you get caught. 

India Times

BERLIN: US President Barack Obama knew that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone was being tapped and personally approved the spying, which may have begun as early as 2002, a damning media report said today.

Obama was informed about the National Security Agency’s tapping of Merkel’s mobile phone already in 2010 by its director Keith Alexander, Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported, widening the espionage scandal.

The president “not only did not stop the operation, but he also ordered it to continue,” a high-ranking NSA official was quoted as saying by the paper.

The White House later ordered the spy agency to prepare a detailed dossier on the chancellor.

President Obama did not trust Merkel and wanted to know everything about her, Bild said quoting the official, who was not identified.

Subsequently, the NSA stepped up its surveillance of Merkel and snooped into all conversations made with her mobile phone in communicating with her party colleagues, the newspaper said.

The agency also cracked the codes of a new supposedly tap-proof mobile phone she has been using since the middle of this year, the newspaper said.

This showed that the NSA continued its spying on the chancellor until very recently, it said.

Merkel’s conversation from her office via fixed line phones, which she used to communicate with other world leaders, was secure from eavesdropping, the newspaper said.

A report today also claimed that President Obama had assured chancellor Merkel during a telephone conversation last Wednesday that he was not aware of the NSA’s spying on her.

When Merkel called him to complain about the suspected surveillance by the NSA, President Obama told her that he would have stopped it if he knew about it, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

Bild said President Obama’s interest in information about Merkel was evident from the fact that intelligence gathered by the NSA did not go as usual to its headquarters in Fort Meade, in Maryland, but directly to the White House.

Another report in weekly news magazine Der Spiegel said NSA may also have spied on the entire government complex in Berlin from the nearby American embassy.

Leaked NSA documents showed that Merkel’s phone had appeared on a list of spying targets since 2002, and was still under surveillance shortly before Obama visited Berlin in June, it said.


Politicizing the Military: Fort Hood soldiers say Army warned them off tea party, Christian groups

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Maybe THIS gets to the reason that Cousin Barry and Crew have been “purging” the Brass?  This is the “Freedom” our men and woman fight for? “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT – HOO AH!”


Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups — that was the message soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter-intelligence agent who headed up the meeting.

If you do, you could face punishment — that was the other half of the message, as reported by Fox News.


The briefing was Oct. 17, and about a half-hour of it was devoted to discussion about how perceived radical groups — like tea party organizations and the Christian-based American Family Association — were “tearing the country apart,” one unnamed soldier said, to Fox News.

Among the remarks the agent allegedly made: Military members who donate to these groups would be subject to discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the soldier reported.

Liberty Institute has stepped in to investigate. Michael Berry, one of the nonprofit’s attorneys, said he has been advising the soldier about his options — but that in the meanwhile, he said the American public should be on guard.

“The American public should be outraged that the U.S. Army is teaching our troops that evangelical Christians and tea party members are enemies of America and that they can be punished for supporting or participating in those groups,” Mr. Berry said, in Fox News. “These statements about evangelicals being domestic enemies are a serious charge.”

The solider said he was worried about getting in trouble for speaking of the incident to the press. But he also wondered how that advisement would play out.

The soldier said, Fox News reported: “Can I tithe? Can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the tea party movement?”

Another soldier in attendance at the meeting confirmed the threat of punishment was made, Fox News reported. But the Army officials at Fort Hood said in a Breitbart.com report that the soldiers’ claims weren’t true.

Obama embraces role of ‘insurance salesman’

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Yea – Freedom means capitulating to multi national Insurance Giants!

Would you buy a Used car from this man?


Washington Times

As problems continue at HealthCare.gov, President Obama has morphed into the world’s most powerful pitch man, hawking his signature domestic achievement to an increasingly skeptical population.

In his weekly address, the president fully embraced his new role and told Americans — just as he did in a Rose Garden speech earlier this week — that Obamacare will be a success despite the glitches still plaguing his law’s website.

SEE ALSO: GOP threatens subpoenas over Obamacare rollout

“Some people have poked fun at me this week for sounding like an insurance salesman. And that’s OK,” Mr. Obama said. “I’d still be out there championing this law even if the website were perfect. I’ll never stop fighting to help more hardworking Americans know the economic security of health care. That’s something we should all want.”

It’s been a rocky first month for Mr. Obama’s health care reform act, as the federal government struggles to repair a website that, by almost all accounts, has largely been a disaster since launching Oct. 1.

This week, the White House announced it would “realign” the date by which Americans must purchase insurance or face fines.

The move will give the uninsured until March 31 to buy coverage, rather than the previous de facto cut-off of Feb. 15.

The move has been described by critics as a retreat, an admission that the Obamacare roll-out has been a failure.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for example, described it as an “expensive joke.”

But the president tells a much different story. He’s directing Americans to enroll for coverage over the phone or in person, and promises that, eventually, HealthCare.gov will function as intended.

He’s also pushing back at the assumption that, because of the flawed website, Obamacare will fall flat.

“We did not fight so hard for this reform for so many years just to build a website,” he said. “We did it to free millions of American families from the awful fear that one illness or injury — to yourself or your child — might cost you everything you’d worked so hard to build. We did it to cement the principle that in this country, the security of health care is not a privilege for a fortunate few, but a right for every one of us to enjoy. We have already delivered on part of that promise and we will not rest until the work is done.”

Read more:  HERE

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