JB Show Exclusive: Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence! Tells of Corruption, Drug Cover Ups, Murder, and How he will go forward as an Honest Cop

Thanks to our roving producer Greg Knight for all of his work making this happen!

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Never before have you heard a Police Officer be this candid.  Chief Shane Harger pulls no punches!

Shane Harger – an example for ALL police everywhere!

In this 60 min interview with Jack Blood, Chief Harger discusses the incident with a (fired / rehired) TSA officer that started a media storm which ended with Harger being fired, along with his entire staff, from the NM Tourist town of Jemez Springs.  ALSO: How this was payback for enforcing the laws the rest of us have to follow on the towns elite.

The controversy all began when Chief Harger was on the way to Las Vegas to attend the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” (CSPOA) Convention 28 January 2014  (This after he signed a document promising to honor the US Constitution while performing his duties as a Peace Officer. )

The chief also talks about Drug dealing and smuggling cover ups in New Mexico, corrupt police using checkpoints to harass citizens, and the murder he walked into when (allegedly) a fellow cop had just killed his own wife… as well as how his fellow officers destroyed evidence, and covered up that murder.

More info on this case HERE: Update: TSA Harasses Police Chief – Placed On Administrative Leave – Told To Disband Entire Police Department

or TSA Harasses Police Chief – Placed On Administrative Leave – Told To Disband Entire Police Department (UPDATED)





  • Very good interview, Shane really opened up to you. I wish there were a million more or so like him out there in LE.

  • Great interview, best luck to the ex-chief at getting a job at a jurisdiction that still respects its citizens and serves it citizens, not the Federal masters enthralled by the banks.

    And good on Jack for not softballing.

  • A former Taos Police Department officer who left the agency after one year on the job amid numerous allegations of misconduct was arrested Thursday (Aug. 7) on charges of raping a 19-year-old woman detained at a police station in Jemez Springs.

    A spokesperson for the New Mexico State Police confirmed Shane Harger, 40, was taken into custody at his Edgewood home. A warrant for his arrest was filed with the Thirteenth Judicial District Court Thursday after he was indicted by a Sandoval County grand jury on charges of criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual contact, kidnapping and extortion.

    Harger left the Taos Police Department in 2004 while at the center of several lawsuits alleging he assaulted, battered or falsely imprisoned suspects during his one year on the job.

    Federal court records indicate he was named as a defendant in two lawsuits during 2005. During 2004, he was named as a defendant in two lawsuits filed with state courts.

    One federal lawsuit, which was settled by the town of Taos, alleged Harger pepper sprayed a restrained suspect and later arrested the man’s mother, purportedly as an act of revenge.

    The lawsuit, which also named former chief Neil Curran as a defendant, raised concerns about Harger’s record as a law enforcement officer.

    Harger’s behavior at the Taos Police Department prompted a series of complaints and tort claims, the lawsuit said, and purportedly spurred one captain to resign.

    Harger’s subsequent departure from the Taos Police Department was “not retirement,” according to municipal officials.

    The officer later worked at the Milan Police Department and was most recently chief of police in Jemez Springs.

    Harger surrendered his commission in Jemez Springs earlier this year when it emerged he carried an identification card under another name, Braxton Haze

  • He was also sued in Milan and while the Chief of police in Jemez Springs, he brought on a former Albuquerque officer who had been fired for kicking a man in the head during an arrest. He was also arrested in Texas for impersonating a police officer and served for a while as a deputy in Pike County, Mississippi where he was fired for wrecking a police car and cutting up the seatbelts to make a tow strap.
    Please find another person to make a hero; this man is just a con artist.

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