Robbie Martin Joins Jack Blood to Discuss the Media Firestorm Surrounding his Sister Abby, WW3, Freemasonry, and His Music

The biggest story on the Web this week was Abby Martin speaking out against Russian aggression on “Russia Today America”

Abby’s TV show “Breaking the Set” is one of a kind. We applaud her for taking a stand!

However this controversy has raised many questions by those patronizing the Alternative media. Robbie Martin was kind enough to answer all of our questions (and yours)

The conversation then turns to Robbie’s Music, his record label, his satire of Freemasonry, and politics du jour.

Robbie’s news site is Media Roots where he does a regular podcast.


Robbie’s band is Fluorescent Grey

His record Label is at


  • Are you serious?

    What a load of crap, praising a sellout who not only backtracked on 9/11 truth but also allowed herself to be used as a US government talking point when she naively blamed Russia for the US backed, fascist coup. You’re losing it Jack. Credibility that is.

    • Abby has a right to her opinion – No? or is this thing you have a CULT? I have Questioned her on Issues!! — And she didn’t “Blame” Russia – She blamed everyone wanting to use violence as a “solution” and …Ha… I have NEVER cared about “Credibility” … More interested in Free Speech. If you want “credibility” go to the MSM. Since I refused to sell out over here (and have had plenty of opportunities to do so…) that’s all that should matter.

      • Are you serious?

        Sorry, but by giving her a pass on important issues you prove what you are-a sellout. You self censor and give passes when you should be asking tough questions. Cult of personality? Get over it and ask the tough questions next time. And correction-she DID blame Russia just like the US State Department did, same LIE talking points about Crimea etc. Try again.

        • “you are-a Sellout” – really? What did I get?????? Abby doesn’t throw me any bones, and I do not get paid for my work. I turned down what may have been millions in Talk radio (in the 90’s I was making 6 figures working in Radio …. I appreciate your opinion, however you cannot offer the same respect? Move on.

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