PREDICTION; Malaysia Missing Plane Flight 370 Will Reappear, Likely With A Boom, On March 19th, Quinquatria

Malaysia Plane Pic (1620x1080) (Boeing 777) (

 March 18, 2014 (AE) – Our western society is ruled by pagans posing as Christians, who are dedicated to war…

The month of March is named after Mars, the pagan Roman “God of War”, therefore many major military events have occurred on or around March 19th… like the start of the Iraq War in 2003, and the bombing of Libya in 2011.

Last year on the Jack Blood Show 2013.3.18 I predicted a major event would occur the following day, and it did occur… this was the Aleppo Syria Chemical Weapons Attack killing many innocent civilians, which was orchestrated by NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist mercenaries, and immediately blamed on Assad’s government with great disdain by John Kerry… this event nearly lead to US air strikes on Syria, and all out war.

The reason I made this prediction is because the pagan Roman Festival Of Quinquatria seems to apex on March 19thsee my previous article here.

Here is an excerpt from that article regarding Quinquatria:


During my interview on the Jack Blood Show 2013.3.18 (posted here) I suggested that we watch world events closely the next day, particularly Syria, for an important event, possibly with large casualties.  This was not just a random prediction because, as I explained, March 19th is a very important date of SACRIFICE, it is the beginning of the Roman Festival Of Quinquatria, a five day celebration to honor Minerva, the god of Commerce and War, among other things.  Traditionally the first day of the festival had no sacrifices, and the remaining four days had blood sacrifices.  Regardless, March 19th is a date of high casualties, with many historical examples, and “coincidentally” it’s a date that NATO likes to start bombing countries (ie, Iraq 2003, Libya 2011).


So the point of today’s article is to predict another major event for tomorrow, March 19th… and I believe this event will likely involve the VERY SUSPICIOUS Malaysia missing plane Flight 370, which went missing on March 8.

Also, the pagan numerologists have a great affinity towards the Number 11 (Aleister Crowley’s number, the number of destruction)… the plane went missing 3.8 (11), and if it reappears on 3.19, this would be 11 days later.



  • You are a nutcase. Do you really believe this shit? Wherever you bother to look for patterns in nature, you will find them (whether real or contrived). I challenge you to name one day in which a person CAN’T find an atrocious event that has occurred somewhere in the world (and can, thus, be used as “evidence”, retroactively, that your doomsday prediction was accurate).

    • Excuse me, I did not make any sort of “Doomsday Prediction”… and you are incorrect, major war events DO NOT occur on random dates… you need to research all the wars and high casualty events that have occurred on Quinquatria.


    • On second thought, I’m not going to be so charitable with my reply to you…

      Your theory is absolute crap, and I’ll explain why…

      The Aleppo Syria Chemical Weapons Attack on 2013.3.19 was the largest event of 2013… this lead to Obama threatening air strikes on Syria, and this went right down to the wire, with many believing we were facing WWIII with Russia (which I didn’t believe).

      So this was EASILY the largest war event date of 2013, and it effected the entire world… so I guess I just got lucky predicting that EXACT date out of all 365 days of the year???

      Not one of the other 364 days of 2013 comes even close… so your theory is TOTAL BUNK.


  • Dude, you are basing your “predictions” on ancient Roman festivals and numerologists, yet I’m the one whose theory is bunk? Are you really that delusional?

    • I don’t subscribe to pagan Roman Festivals or numerology, but those running your country obviously do, just look at the Washington Monument.

      Regardless, I somehow managed to pick the EXACT day of the biggest war event of 2013… but you have no explanation for that, you just ridicule… and you surely couldn’t pick the day using your preposterous crap theory.


  • I wasn’t aware I had a “theory”. Unlike you, I don’t claim to be able to make any predictions at all. But even if I did, they wouldn’t be based upon religion (pagan or otherwise), numerology, astrology, tinfoil-hatology, or any other half-baked idea.

    As an aside, I placed “theory” in quotes because you are using the word incorrectly. A theory refers to a well-established body of ideas backed by mountains of evidence. For example, the Theory of Gravity or the Theory of Evolution. You are referring to a hypothesis, at best. Not that I blame you, as most people misuse the word.

    In any event, I’m done. Good luck with your palm reading and tarot cards.

    • The “Theory Of Evolution”…. a thoroughly unproven “hypothesis”, at best… in reality a faux theory developed by a bunch of British racists (Galton, and then his pet Darwin) who used it as an excuse to justify eliminating “the unfit” and the “subhuman races”.

      They called it “Eugenics”… you might have heard of it… very popular in Germany in the 1930’s.

      Yeah, THAT “theory”…………………………… you lose.

      PS I got straight “A’s” in all the sciences bud, don’t try to pull your brainiac crap here.

      • Happy for you that earned letter grades of “A” in your science classes. Good job!

        I suppose I could tell you that I have a PhD in evolutionary genetics from an Ivy League university (and that I teach, conduct research, and publish peer-reviewed primary literature in that field at a large public university). However, I’m guessing you’d say I was full of shit. Because, after all, what would a professor be doing on here arguing with you?

        It’s sad that you equate evolutionary theory with racism and eugenics. I suppose you equate nuclear physics with the atomic bomb as well, correct?

        Be sure to remember that you don’t accept evolutionary theory the next time you purchase food. After all, I wouldn’t want you eating the products of artificial selection applied over thousands of years.

        And remember to tell your doctor that you don’t accept evolutionary theory the next time you need antibiotics. He’ll be sure to prescribe to you some of the original antibiotics. They won’t work because bacteria have largely evolved resistance to them; however, you can feel better knowing that you haven’t violated your principles.

        Also, please don’t go get yourself a flu shot next year. After all, influenza can’t evolve, can it?

        I’ll look forward to your rebuttal, wherein you will discuss the “difference” between microevolution and macroevolution. Or perhaps you’ll bring up Piltdown Man and start talking about faux theories again?

        • A Flu Shot?!!!… you must be joking… I would never take any kind of shot, I knew a guy paralyzed by the Polio Vaccine… one of the most damaging money making scams going… you may want to look up the huge percent increase in Alzheimer’s for elderly people who get the Flu Shot every year, something like a 10x increase… but you probably believe HPV vaccines are good for prepubescent little boys and girls too.

          All your Evolution heroes were ultra racists, sorry man, that’s the facts… and yes, Piltdown Man, and all the other scams they tried… and it’s still called the “Theory Of Evolution”, and I’ve yet to see that missing link… the Greek philosophers were pushing the exact same crap in 500 BC, and the Ionians even before that.

          Okay, I admit I took the bait on this missing plane story… such a ridiculous story, and so pimped by the media with terrorist overtones, so I guessed the insane US warmongering government might be preparing to crash it into someone to start a war.

          You seem to fail to understand that I’m simply using a data set to make an educated guess, sometimes called a “prediction”, and my article never claimed any kind of pagan “psychic abilities” as you seem to want to push onto me for some reason… I’m actually very against such things.

          So even though the day is far from over, I’ll take the loss this year (sniff, sniff), and it does hurt my average:

          2011.3.19 NATO’s Bombing Of Libya (CALLED IT)

          2012.3.19 (no prediction, no event) (ABSTAINED)

          2013.3.19 Aleppo Syria Chemical Weapons Attack (CALLED IT)

          2014.3.19 Malaysia Missing Plane (FAIL)

          So I managed to guess the exact date of the largest war events, two out of three years… I think that’s 66% (even with an Ivy League slide rule)… a pretty high batting average for a “nutcase”…….. how can this be explained???

          My article was never anything to do with my “psychic abilities”… just looking at years of data… that’s all my article was ever about.

          I wish you a wonderful year until next March 19th,

          PS I called the Fascist Coup of Ukraine by the EU & US, and a likely division of the country, on 2013.12.12……. but I guess I’m just a “nutcase” about that one too!!!!… no psychic ability used, just data.

  • The Mike and Joel show…or circus…whatever…

  • Carlos T. Jackal

    Used to be, nutjobs with crackpot theories based on numerology or tea leaves or animal bones (all equally valid, which is to say they’re not) would be found muttering to themselves while shuffling down the street with their pants around their ankles.

    But now, we have The Internet, so every foaming at the mouth oddball has a BLOG so they can disseminate their kookiness to the widest possible audience.

    Mike, you’re absolutely right. Joel, if you actually believe anything you wrote, you need to seek professional help. Oh, and it’s the 19th – where’s the plane? Where’s the “boom?”

  • My daughter was born 3/19/2003. That means she is 11. Does that mean she is a war goddess? Haha….

    • So I report on pagan beliefs and somehow they’re put onto me??????

      No, I don’t believe in such things, and I’m unaware of any pagan beliefs about being born on that day, but they tend to believe many things around the Spring Equinox, so who knows.

  • Here is my theory the plane was flow intentionally by the pilot to a hidden location to modified to plan some sort of attack connect the dots people plane flies to 45000 feet to take out passengers on board drops to 5000 feet and turns off all tracking devices my opinion the plane had a full tank of fuel also I believe that the flight simulator that the captain had at his home is proof that the captain had been training for some time with gods know who evil only win if good men stand by and do nothing.

  • @ Wise Owl. I agree with your theory.. For whatever reason, we’re being led on a wild chase.. There is a bigger element going on…..start checking on land

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