SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Ambulances ‘ON SCENE’ Myth Vs. 911 Callers Begging ‘THERE’S NO AMBULANCE HERE!!’ Reality

2014.4.14 (AE) – The Sandy Hook parents claimed there was “nothing to be learned” from listening to the 911 calls, before ever hearing the recordings…

The following video reviews eighteen of the audio files released as part of the ‘Sandy Hook Final Reports’… these communications show various problems relating to the timely arrival of ambulances and EMS personnel, their ability to access the injured, the EMS staging area, the VERY LATE calls for additional ambulances, and finally, road clearance considerations for proper entrance and exit from the scene.





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  • We also learned, later, according to social security records, that the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, died on Dec. 13th – -THE DAY BEFORE the massacre took place. I have said, from the beginning, the boy AND his mother were used as “stage props” for one of the illegal regime’s “false flag” operations! I saw the very first news copter videos; I heard the first radio transmissions, from the news coptor AND law enforcement – -that was “before” all the early evidence was “deleted” so the “real criminals” could continue to blame a “dead boy” for what happened that day! AND the obama-soetoro, immediately, went into “gun control mode”. The Connecticut legislature “fell ight in line” and immediately enacted “illegal, unconstitutional” gun control legislation!

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