CIA admits hacking Senate computers

Blackmail / Extortion! CIA Director John Brennan admitted that the agency did hack into the computers of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Senate staffers — an allegation he had denied in March. In a search for Bush-era interrogation practices, computers were hacked in “a manner inconsistent with the common understanding” between the Senate and the agency, Mr. Brennan has concluded, agency spokesman […]

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Ohio Schools Arming Teachers

  The debate rages about whether to train and arm teachers and school administrators or keep all guns off of school campuses. Whenever I’ve been in a discussion on this subject, I always ask the anti-gun person two questions: 1. What percentage of school shootings take place on gun free campuses? 2. Would you want your child’s teacher to be […]

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Australian PM Abbott intention to send armed Police to Ukraine to recover MH17 Evidence, branded “Nuts”

  Australian Defence Force personnel will be walking unprepared into a volatile situation at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine, a senior defence figure has warned. Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement of Australia’s intention to send 190 armed Australian Federal Police and an unknown number of ADF personnel to help recover bodies and evidence from the site has been met […]

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