ISIS EXPOSED; Internet Support For Terrorists Provided By US State Department Via Two NGO’s

2014.7.20 (AE) – The rebranded wing of Al Qaeda known as ISIS, or ISIL, has been receiving “internet anti tracking software” and “internet technical support” from the US State Department via two contracting NGO’s… the Institute For War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Freedom House.

This should be the biggest news story in the US, especially considering that Obama has now sent over 750 US troops back into Iraq, to supposedly “help” the Iraqi government “fight” the invading radical Sunni ISIS forces… but we now know that ISIS has been achieving their miraculously “sophisticated Social Media strategy” with direct help from the US government.

So the fact that the US State Department, headed by John Kerry, is helping the most radical Al Qaeda terrorists achieve internet anonymity, assisting them in using Social Media platforms to recruit new fighters, and assisting them in uploading radical messages, including ultra violent beheading videos to YouTube… well, this is a scandal of the highest order…


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  • holyshityourefullofshit

    al qaeda and isis are not the same. this is a very unprofessional analysis of the situation on the ground. and you completely missed, please remove tin foil hat and get an education…

    • WANNA DEBATE THAT? I GUESS NOT (NOT THE SAME IN THAT isis (HA) IS A NEW GENERATION OF CIA MERCENARIES and laugh at fake Al cia duh) YOU WIN – tell everyone NOT to go here – OK ? please!

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