John Oliver on Ferguson Mo: Police Are Not Soldiers, So Why Are They Wearing F*cking Camo?

The “Last Week Tonight” host explains how U.S. towns like Ferguson became militarized with the excuse of the drug war and 9/11 and offers some possible solutions to the conflict in Missouri. The first step, says Oliver, would be to stop treating civilians with the same patronizing irritation that the governor (NIXON)of Missouri has displayed in addressing the situation. Next would be to direct some of that anger toward a police force that needs to have its “toys,” such as tanks and riot gear, taken away since they’re unnecessary in American suburbs and cops aren’t even trained to use them.

The comedian also points out that more appropriate attire for police wishing to blend in in Ferguson would be outfits that resemble a Dollar Store.

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  • Hmmm
    A totally innocent and unarmed white young man was just shot dead by police in the Salt lake city area because he refused to get face down on the ground. Where is the media outrage? where is the wall to wall coverage?
    this operation is also designed to condition the American public to begin to accept the notion that armed military in the streets is necessary.

    This entire operation was also timed from the beginning to distract the American Public. Like the original Ukrainian ops and the subsequent airliner shot down op these are all orchestrated to distract attention away from Israel’s ongoing Genocide in Gaza. As I write this Israel is conducting massive bombing attacks on Gaza. Israel has dropped nearly 25,000 tons of ordinance on Gaza. This is equivalent to 2 atomic bombs like we dropped on Nagasaki. People this is Genocide and the US is not only not stopping it, it is funding it.

    think about the events that have unfolded since Israel attacked Gaza. One distraction after another. It is a pattern that has been repeated endlessly by Israel over the last 5 decades.

    The police are dressed that way as part of a conditioning process, and it makes great headlines

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