“The Jack Blood Show” Resumes LIVE TODAY – Monday 9.8.14 on RBN

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September 3rd, 2014

By Jack Blood

Yes we have been off air for two weeks.

With great appreciation to our former network, The Micro Effect, we had to move on…

As most of you know, TME just couldn’t meet with our quality standards, and we were losing affiliates, and listeners.
We attempted to help TME by making production and engineering suggestions, but it just seemed like after almost 1 yr, it would never work out. Thanks to everyone over there for carrying the show. It was a good ride.

The kind of radio performed on The Jack Blood Show isn’t the kind of format that 99% of radio stations, or established internet facilities want to align themselves with. (Jack wont stay in a box!) It is challenging for us to say the least.
This may be changing as we speak, but in the mean time we had to take the best opportunity that we were offered.

Thus, after 9 years absence, I will be returning to Republic Broadcasting Network.

The show will air LIVE in its usual time slot of 3PM – 5PM EST / Monday – Friday.

The First show back will be Monday, September 8th, 2014

While this may be a bit shocking to some of you, I can assure you that we will NOT be changing our format, or our take on information, history, and breaking news events. Humor and Music will continue to play a key role in the delivery of what can sometimes be bad news.
We will also continue to feature regular contributors, and will be booking some outstanding guests that we have had in the pipeline.

We have been assured that we will have total freedom in our content, and support for our audio issues.

RBN has a decent archive section, and also makes shows available on various global satellites, *Including XDS via Cumulus Media Satellite Services


KU-Satellite Galaxy 19, Frequency 11836, Symbol Rate 20.770, @ 97 degrees west, Identifier “RBN1″

We believe that most of our AM / FM affiliates will pick us up, but if they do not, please pass our location on to them, or have them contact us directly. Jackblood@hotmail.com

*We are also working hard on our NEW website Radio Free Blood. At this site our listeners will have various new media listening options, and extras added as we go. ALL donations are currently getting you a membership there. We will notify all of you when its ready.

We look forward to a great 2014 / 2015 with RBN, and as always… We greatly appreciate your continued support.

BE BOLD and Mighty Forces will come to your aid!

Truly ~

Jack Blood


  • How will the Archives be handled? Do we have to pay RBN to get your show on podcast? Or is it going to be on your website? And we donate to you. Not really clear how this is going to work. I load/listen to your show on mp3 player. That is why I need to know the logistics of this

    • We are getting this all figured out. We should have a free “Raw /Uncut” version on this site, (everyday as always) and very soon a Clear / Cut version on Radio Free Blood + extras (vid / backstage stuff) will be available. Keep in mind that this is all new, and we are very short staffed at the moment) thanks!!!

  • Great News. Love your show. Don’t always agree but as you often say, this isn’t a cult. Try to get Dave McGowan on to talk about Laurel Canyon and Programmed to Kill. Another good guest would be Neil Sanders who has written Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own. Good luck!

  • Can you put your Paypal email in here somewhere?
    I prefer to donate that way, if it’s all the same to you.

  • great
    I am SUFFERING from heavy JB withdrawal



  • Thanks to Dr.No, I just found out that you’re on the way back. Very happy find out. RBN? This should be interesting. Think you could get them to put you on the website schedule already? 😉

    Welcome back, Jack!

  • Welcome Back to RBN Jack Looking forward to Tuning back in again.I know You said chatrooms are death but is listeners would like they can go here during Your Show http://rbnlive.chatango.com/.
    ” Be Bold and Mighty Forces will Come to Your Aid ”

    Don’t Believe it Watch “The Original Tazered Less “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_U9HECYIyU

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