Palin Family Gets Into A Messy “Booze Fueled” Brawl In Alaska

A majority of the Palin family — Sarah, Todd, Bristol, and Track — was allegedly involved in a booze-filled brawl over the weekend in which the former vice presidential candidate reportedly screamed, “Don’t you know who I am?”

According to reports from local bloggers, the Palin crew showed up at a party in Wasilla following a day at the Iron Dog snowmobile race.

According to local blogger Amanda Coyne, witnesses at the scene said Palin’s eldest son, Track, showed up to the party in a stretch Hummer. He then confronted a man who had previously dated one of his sisters, according to Coyne and another blog called Immoral Minority.

“That led to some pushing and shoving, which escalated somehow to the family being asked to leave the premises,” Immoral Minority, reported.


Alaska political blogger Amanda Coyne spoke to several witnesses who say they were in attendance at the party and compiled a pretty incredible account of what allegedly went down:

Word is that Bristol has a particularly strong right hook, which she employed repeatedly, and it’s something to hear when Sarah screams, “Don’t you know who I am!” And it was particularly wonderful when someone in the crowd screamed back, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!” No, it’s what happens when the former First Family of Alaska comes knocking. As people were leaving in a cab, Track was seen on the street, shirtless, flipping people off, with Sarah right behind him, and Todd somewhere in the foreground, tending to his bloody nose.

Head over to Coyne’s blog for more.

Another Alaska-based blogger, Jesse Griffin, also offered up a report on the alleged melee:

According to the grapevine Track had some altercation with a person who may or may not have once dated one of the Palin girls. That led to some pushing and shoving, which escalated somehow to the family being asked to leave the premises.

However before that could happen a certain former abstinence spokesperson unleashed a flurry of blows at some as of yet identified individual before being pulled off by by another partygoer, after which Todd apparently puffed up his chest and made some threatening remarks. (The “C’ word may have been uttered at one point.)

Anchorage Police Department communications director Jennifer Castro confirmed to The Huffington Post that police responded to a “verbal and physical altercation” outside a residence just before midnight on Saturday, and that “some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party.” Police believe that alcohol was a “factor” in the incident.

“The case is still an open and active investigation and is being reviewed by APD and our Municipal Prosecutor’s office, therefore, we are unable to release any police reports or further information at this time,” Castro wrote in an email.

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  • What is most amazing, about the incident – -if it had been anybody else, NOT A WORD would have been uttered! Talk about “selective reporting”.

    • That’s idiotic — “selective reporting” — of course a story of drunken brawling involving Sarah Palin and her family is noteworthy and responsible reporting. When you put yourself in the national political and social arena and publicly entertain running for national office, then yes, your behavior and that of your family deserves heightened scrutiny and the results of this scrutiny should be reported.

      What I find “most amazing” is the complete lack of response from Palin on this matter. Apparently, she’s too busy calling our President a traitor to have time to respond to theses allegations.

  • Like any ‘charges’ will come from this. After all, the legal system up there ‘does know who she is’, and will act accordingly.

  • Oh, by the way, the “alleged source” of this story, forgot to do any “fact checking” on Sarah Palin’s “whereabouts” that particular night. It seem she was in Houston TX giving a speech! Just why should the Palin family respond to something that didn’t involve them at all?

    • Ok thanks – Its good to know that after several days there is an “alibi” – COUSIN SARAH FOR POTUS!!!!
      Palin Family Takes No Personal Responsibility For Drunken Brawl

      On Saturday, Real Clear Politics reported that it had spoken with “a source close to the Palin family, who wanted to provide their version of the events in question.”

      Apparently, the Palins’ “version of events in question” was all about saying, “It’s their fault!”:

      According to previously published eyewitness reports, the fracas began when Track Palin, the former governor’s adult son, confronted a former boyfriend of his 20-year-old sister, Willow.

      But according to the Palin family’s version of events, the instigator was actually the former boyfriend.

      The initial tussle occurred, the source said, after the young man in question “tried to get in” to the Hummer limousine after he’d engaged in some unspecified “questionable behavior.”

      The report goes on to say that four men “piled on” Track Palin – without noting why or what had happened to precipitate the pile on. Then father Todd Palin reportedly got involved and was left bleeding. No details were given about what, exactly, Todd’s involvement was.

      And yet we got lots of details about the report that Sarah Palin apparently yelled, “Don’t you know who I am?”

      On the previous night, she had been in Houston to speak at a fundraiser benefiting the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation, which helps wounded veterans. That event apparently was fresh on Palin’s mind when she engaged in the tumult on Saturday night.

      According to the source, as her husband and son were trading blows with their adversaries, Palin was yelling (in reference to her son), “Don’t you know who he is? He’s a vet!”


      WHILE I get that “bloggers” took liberties with their first hand reporting YOUR comment flies in the face of what the Palin camp has been saying!

      oh and while you are reading….. Reveals Midterm Election Connections: President Obama Related to Palin and Limbaugh

      The world’s largest online family history resource reveals that President Barack Obama is related to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Obama and Palin are 10th cousins through common ancestor John Smith. The website also found that Obama is related to one of his most vociferous critics, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

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