Yale evaluation of Sandy Hook shooter Lanza not given to Newtown schools


Yale evaluation of Sandy Hook shooter Lanza not given to Newtown schools

23 Oct 2014 Newtown school officials appear to have had an incomplete mental health history of [alleged] Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza before he entered high school, according to a draft of a soon-to-be-released report by the state Office of the Child Advocate. No copies of the draft have been distributed…Lanza, in his early teens, was prescribed the antidepressant Celexa by Yale clinicians. Included in the case files are emails between Peter Lanza and Kathleen Koenig, a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center, “regarding her treatment sessions with the shooter, as well as an evaluation by” Dr. Paul Fox, a former Connecticut psychiatrist who now lives in New Zealand. [Down the rabbit hole with him.] Once when Koenig prescribed a small dose of Celexa to Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza called Koenig’s office to report that Adam Lanza was “unable to raise his arm” and she blamed it on the medication. [Yes, Lanza stopped taking the medication, as it would be difficult to shoot 26 people with an assault rifle if you can’t raise your arm.]

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  • the relationship of Yale University, Fairfield State Mental Hospital (located in Newtown), and Jose Delgado’s experiments with brain implants to produce “Mind Control Assassins” for the CIA under their top secret “Operation MK-ULTRA” project.

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