Jack Blood Show – November 11 2014

Yes, we go down at 1hr 20 mark. We are VERY close to having all of our tech issues solved.
THANK YOU for your patience. We have been hacked, racked, and sacked. We must be on the right course.


  • hey jack love the show, sucks about your connection, perhaps you could check out your router, if that is ‘hacked’ then it doesn’t really matter what you have behind it. Some routers are very easy to get in to from the Internet. Also you need to start logging your firewall stuff. There are some projects like OpenWRT and Tomato that overwrite the ‘factory’ firmware on consumer routers and allow you to do interesting stuff like log connections, etc… Also if you are running windows, you might want to consider getting Linux and then running your windows stuff inside a virtual machine. Also if you log your firewall, you can actually cite the IPs being used to attack you, if that is the case.

  • Cool. We are doing most of that, and we have most of the problems solved – back Friday 11.14.14 and we should be GREAT from there. Thanks for the patience!

  • Needing a BLOOD transfusion! Looking forward to tomorrow then. Karma your way man — you are the best Jack!

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