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North Korea: Longstanding US Punching Bag

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To hear our DEBUNKING of the North Korean + (Axis of Evil) US / NWO Conspiracy Thoery, and how this is likely a FALSE FLAG / Inside Job – Tune in to the Jack Blood Show!  3 – 5PM EST on (free archive here at



by Stephen Lendman

America needs enemies. For geopolitical reasons. To justify its war machine. Spend more on militarism called defense than the rest of the world combined.

Let war profiteers gorge at the public trough. Pretend its military might protects against world threats. Divert attention from Main Street Depression conditions.

North Korea is Washington’s longstanding punching bag. Straight from central casting. Truman’s war never ended. An uneasy armistice persists.

Pyongyang wanted normalized relations for decades. US administrations refuse. Tensions remain. Occasionally heightened like now.

Baseless accusations accuse North Korea of hacking Sony Pictures’ “The Interview.” Destabilizing US propaganda. Negatively portraying leader Kim Jong-un. Including a plot to assassinate him.

FBI assistant cyber division director, Joe Demarest, initially said: “There is no attribution to North Korea at this point.”

Sony at first called the incident a likely inside job. Involving a disgruntled employee. Abandoning the notion after the FBI changed tactics.

Blaming North Korea. Citing no verifiable evidence. None exists. Weeks earlier, a group called Guardians of Peace (GOP) claimed responsibility.

Releasing nearly 140 GBs of internal Sony data and communications. Perhaps the largest ever breach of corporate records.

GOP claimed it harvested Sony records for over a year. Before going public. Warning it compromised terabytes of Sony network data.

Containing thousands of internal and personal communications Including film scripts. Proposals. Pending projects.

Emails to and from Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko and Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Any Pascal. Containing potentially embarrassing corporate information. addressed the hacking incident. Saying “attribution in breaches is difficult” at best.

“Assertions about who is behind any attack should be treated with a hefty dose of skepticism.”

“Skilled hackers use proxy machines and false IP addresses to cover their tracks or plant false clues inside their malware to throw investigators off their trail.”

“When hackers are identified and apprehended, it’s generally because they’ve made mistakes or because a cohort got arrested and turned informant.”

Nation-state attacks are sophisticated, said “(A)ttribution is no less difficult.”

Hackers can easily plant false flags. Pointing away from themselves. Sorting things out is difficult to impossible.

US intelligence agencies often point fingers the wrong way. So do government officials. Misleading the public. For geopolitical reasons.

North Korea’s UN envoy Ja Song Nam wrote UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon the following:

“To allow the production and distribution of such a film on the assassination of an incumbent head of a sovereign state should be regarded as the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war.”

“The United States authorities should take immediate and appropriate actions to ban the production and distribution of the aforementioned film; otherwise, it will be fully responsible for encouraging and sponsoring terrorism.”

A November 21 email hackers sent to Sony executives three days before the attack said nothing about North Korea or the film.

It warned of “great damage.” Sought “monetary compensation…Pay the damage or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole,” it said.

Signed “God’sApstls.” The same phrase found in malware used in the November 24 attack. Wiping out many Sony computer systems.

A message headlined “Hacked by #GOP” referenced a previous unheeded warning.

Saying “(w)e’ve already warned you, and this is just the beginning.” Hackers likely had a financial motive.

It’s unclear what dollar amount they sought. What’s known points fingers away from North Korea.

What could it hope to gain from hacking a grade B film? Risking possible retaliation. From Washington. Other nations. World public opinion expressing anger. Media scoundrels piling on.

On December 18, the right-wing Washington Free Beacon headlined  “DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants.”

According to a so-called declassified Defense Intelligence Agency report. Dated September 13, 2004.

Allegedly involving five covert commando units. Training internally in America to attack. Sounding more like another grade B film plot.

Claiming the North Korean Ministry of People’s Armed Force “established five liaison offices in the early 1990s, to train and infiltrate operatives into the United States to attack nuclear power plants and major cities in case of hostilities.”

In response to a FOIA request, FBI officials claimed no knowledge of North Korean commando teams. No records of a Pyongyang Reconnaissance Bureau.

No likely DPRK plot to attack US sites. What possibly could North Korea gain from doing so. Massive US retaliation would follow.

Perhaps turning the entire country to rubble. Killing millions. Replicating Truman’s war. Korean expert Bruce Cumings explaining its “extraordinary destructiveness.”

Including “widespread and continuous use of firebombing…(T)hreats to use nuclear and chemical weapons. (D)estr(oying) North Korean dams in the final stages of war.”

An estimated three to four million killed. Unimaginable overall casualties inflicted. Innocent civilians suffered most. Terror weapons were used.

America wages wars mercilessly. Cumings said non-nuclear war “leveled North Korea and killed millions of civilians.”

“North Koreans tell you that for three years they faced a daily threat of being burned (alive) with napalm.”

By “1952 just about everything in northern and central Korea had been completely leveled. What was left of the population survived in caves.”

“Bomb damage assessment showed 18 of 22 major cities were half or more obliterated. Big industrial ones were from 75 – 100% destroyed.”

Villages resembled “low, wide mounds of violent ashes.” Pyongyang fears America for good reason. It wants no repeat of its war.

On Monday, Security Council members addressed accusations of North Korean human rights abuses.

AP calling the session an apparent “first time that any country’s human rights situation has been scheduled for” Security Council debate. Despite objections from China and Russia.

US neocon ambassador Samantha Power said “(t)oday, we have broken the council’s silence. We have begun to shine a light, and what it has revealed is terrifying.”

America exceeds all other nations in human rights abuses.  None match its barbarity. Ruthlessness. Contempt for fundamental rights.

Committing genocidal high crimes against peace.

Waging war on its own people. Using its homeland police state apparatus.

Its gulag prison system the world’s largest. Power left what’s most important unmentioned.

North Korea refused to participate in Monday’s session. Reproaching the UN for double standards.

Accusing Washington and rogue allies of irresponsibly using human rights as a weapon against its government.

Its UN envoy Ja Song-nam saying:

“The so-called ‘human rights issue’ in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is politically fabricated and, therefore, it is not at all relevant to regional or international peace and security.”

“(T)he recently revealed CIA torture crimes committed by the United States, which have been conducted worldwide in the most brutal medieval forms, are the gravest human rights violations in the world.”

Requiring “a thorough probe into the CIA torture crimes,” he stressed.

Itar Tass said Russia and China voted against discussing North Korean human rights abuses.

Eleven out of 15 Security Council members decided otherwise. Including America, Australia, Britain, France, Jordan, Lithuania, and South Korea. Chad and Nigeria abstained.

Decisions on Security Council procedural issues require majority approval. Veto rights apply only to resolutions submitted.


On Monday, North Korean Internet connections failed for hours. Perhaps part of what Obama called an unspecified “proportionate response at a time and place of our choosing.”


Obama irresponsibly blaming North Korea rof “cybervandalism.” In response to baseless FBI hacking accusations.

Cyber experts called Monday’s attack one of the worst North Korean network failures in years.

Dyn Research Internet analysis director Doug Madory said North Korea’s system became unstable late Friday.

Worsening over the weekend. Failing entirely on Monday. “Their networks are under duress,” said Madory.

“This is consistent with a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on their routers.” Overloading them until they collapse.

At the same time, calling it “notoriously difficult” to attribute blame. DDoS attacks are easy to replicate, he said.

The New York Times calls “disruption of computers and networks…part of the American offensive playbook.”

National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan ducked suggestions of US responsibility.

“Saying “(w)e have no new information regarding North Korea today…(W)e’d refer you to that government for comment.”

Pyongyang is connected online through China United Network Communications Group Co. (China Unicom).

On Monday, it went dark until hours later. Whether from Washington attacking its network isn’t clear.

According to Arbor Networks, at least six previous denial-of-service attacks originated from America.

North Korea has limited Internet usage. Its networks are vulnerable to attacks.

It may never be known if Washington bears responsibility for what happened. Most important is what’s next.

A previous article called North Korea America’s punching bag. China its target.

Wanting it marginalized. Weakened. Isolated. Contained. The aim of Obama’s Asia/Pacific pivot.

Advancing America’s military footprint. In a part of the world hostile to invaders. Vietnam echoes remain audible.

Permanent war is official US policy. Waging it on humanity reflects it.

Whether Washington intends challenging China military remains to be seen. Lunatics influencing policy make anything possible.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs

Jack Blood Show – December 22 2014 (Chris Emery – Shadow Ring)

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Hour one: Jack covers the NYPD Killings which look like a false flag. (Cops were in the middle of a “Anti -Terror drill” etc / Also PT 1 of False Flag SONY Hack.

Hour Two: Chris Emery is a producer for the new Film “Shadow Ring” Narrated by “Beast Master” Kevin Sorbo, and featuring Jack Blood.

More info at FREE MIND FILMS

ShadowRing set for World Release in 2015


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Free Mind Films, LLC is proud to announce that Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo has been contracted to narrate their film: ShadowRing, which is due to release in February, 2015.

ShadowRing is the third film from the producers of the multi- award winning documentary ‘A Noble Lie – Oklahoma City, 1995’ and ‘State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control’.

ShadowRing was largely scripted by James Perloff, drawing on research that went into his best-selling book: ‘The Shadows Of Power’ and his follow up book: ‘Truth Is A Lonely Warrior’. (website:

ShadowRing will review the history of America’s hidden Oligarchy, its instruments of policy control (such as the Council of Foreign Relations and The Federal Reserve Bank) and its objectives such as:

Our interventionist foreign policy and the “false flags” used to entangle us in wars: (e.g., the Maine, Lusitania, foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, and unverified WMDs in Iraq).

“Free Trade” policy and how institutions like NAFTA and the World Trade Organization send jobs overseas as well as encroaching on our national sovereignty.

How the federal powers granted under the Patriot Act are creating a surveillance age that threatens our freedom; and who really runs the U.S. Presidents and their administrations no matter which political party is in power.

ShadowRing’s narrator is award winning Hollywood, actor, writer, director and producer – Kevin Sorbo. In 1993 he emerged as a full-fledged international TV star when he was cast as the lead role of Hercules in a series of 5 made for TV films that would lay the groundwork for the immensely popular running series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. (1993 – 1999) becoming the most watched show in the world.

Just as the Hercules series came to an end, Kevin received a call from the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, personally requesting him to play the lead role in Roddenberry’s second sci-fi series, Andromeda. The show ran for 5 seasons as the number one show in first run syndication and further fueled Kevin’s already ferociously loyal global following!

Kevin recently authored the widely praised book, True Strength that recounts the painful recovery from serious health setbacks that changed his life during his Hercules years. ( )

Since 1997, Kevin has donated his time as the spokesperson for the non-profit organization, A World Fit For Kids. Please visit to learn more.

In 2005 Kevin was named successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger as the national spokesperson for The Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit working to ensure that all children have access to quality after school programs, and

Kevin’s most recent success was playing the lead role of Professor Jeffrey Radison in the highly acclaimed Christian drama film: God’s Not Dead. The film was released to theaters on March 21, 2014, by Pure Flix Entertainment and became the most successful dollar for dollar movie in America.

Sorbo married actress Sam Jenkins, whom he met during her guest appearance on Hercules in 1998. They have three children together, Braeden, Shane and Octavia.

Police in NY killing were working an anti-terrorism drill when Shot

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Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s ­assassination-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

“No warning, no provocation — they were quite simply assassinated, targeted for their uniform,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said.

Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill in Bedford-Stuyvesant just before 3 p.m. when they were shot point-blank in the head by lone gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, who had addresses in Georgia, Maryland and Brooklyn.

Moments after killing the two officers, Brinsley, too, was dead, having turned his gun on himself on a nearby subway platform as cops closed in.

Liu, 32, a newlywed of only two months, had seven years on the force; Ramos, 40, dad to two sons, had two years on the job.

Brinsley was already a fugitive, suspected of putting a bullet in his ex-girlfriend’s abdomen at her residence in Baltimore at 5:45 a.m. Saturday, Bratton said.

By early Saturday afternoon — just three hours before shooting Liu and Ramos — vile anti-police threats were posted to Brinsley’s Instagram page. The threats referenced the ­recent police-involved killings of Garner and Brown.

“I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,” a person believed to be the gunman wrote. “They Take 1 Of Ours . . . Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, ending with, “This May Be My Final Post.”



CIA Torture Queen Bought $825K House While Torturing Her Way to the Top

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CLG Exclusive: 20 Dec 2014

The redacted (525 of 6,700 pages) C.I.A. torture report has revealed possible war crimes and violations of the Nuremberg ban on human experimentation by C.I.A. agents and U.S. military contractors. On December 19, 2014, journalists Glenn Greenwald and Peter Maass revealed the name of the C.I.A. senior officer at the center of the C.I.A.’s torture scandals: Alfreda Frances Bikowsky.

Now, CLG can report that Alfreda Bikowsky purchased (and likely still lives in) a well-appointed ranch house in Mclean, Virginia. Nestled in a wooded lot at 1437 Brookhaven Drive, the well-concealed house is a short 19-minute, 12-mile commute to the Central Intelligence Agency in Reston, Virginia. Formerly owned by Michael E. Geltner, the property was sold to Bikowsky for a mere $825,000 by realtor Michael Chang in April of 2012.

CIA Torture Queen's Residence


Thus, while Bikowsky’s victims are probably scarred for life, she apparently lives quite comfortably under White House and intelligence cover in a lovely northern Virginia McMansion.

Reporting for the New Yorker on December 18, investigative reporter Jane Mayer had this to say about Bikowsky’s illustrious career at the C.I.A.:

The NBC News investigative reporter Matthew Cole has pieced together a remarkable story revealing that a single senior officer, who is still in a position of high authority over counterterrorism at the C.I.A.–a woman who he does not name–appears to have been a source of years’ worth of terrible judgment, with tragic consequences for the United States. Her story runs through the entire report. She dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward; she misinterpreted intelligence in such a way that it sent the C.I.A. on an absurd chase for Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Montana. And then she falsely told congressional overseers that the torture worked.

Apparently, bungling critical national security intelligence information, while torturing and hunting the wrong people, constitute quite the career path at the C.I.A.


North Korea says it’s not involved in Sony hack; proposes joint probe with US

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North Korea says it’s not involved in Sony hack; proposes joint probe with US 20 Dec 2014 North Korea says it can prove it is not behind the massive Sony Pictures cyberattack that has led to several e-mail leaks, threats on movie theaters and the cancellation of the release of the movie “The Interview.” The country has also said it proposes a joint investigation with the U.S. on the attack and if the U.S. does not agree, North Korea warns of “grave consequences,” state [as opposed to corporate] media says. The announcement comes as a response to the FBI’s statement saying it has enough information to “conclude that the North Korean government is responsible” for the actions. [The Sony hack was likely a US false flag, so that Obama and the Congress would pass an Internet speech-suppressing ‘cybersecurity’ bill.]

also: (FOX sticking to their Guns of War Propaganda. AKA: North Korea is a terrorist state playing Chicken with Obama Admin)

North Korea says it’s not involved in Sony hack; proposes joint probe with US

Ferguson Grand Jury “Witness” 40 – Lied about Brown Charging Wilson

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12/16 UPDATE: Following the publication of this story, Sandra McElroy acknowledged to TSG that she is “Witness 40.” Voicing concerns for her minor children, McElroy said that she directed them to delete their Facebook accounts, adding that she has done the same. “After I speak with the prosecutor, attorney, and Police if they say its alright I will call you,” she said. McElroy subsequently asked to have an off-the-record conversation, a request to which a TSG reporter agreed.

Smoking Gun

DECEMBER 15–The grand jury witness who testified that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him “like a football player, head down,” is a troubled, bipolar Missouri woman with a criminal past who has a history of making racist remarks and once insinuated herself into another high-profile St. Louis criminal case with claims that police eventually dismissed as a “complete fabrication,” The Smoking Gun has learned.

In interviews with police, FBI agents, and federal and state prosecutors–as well as during two separate appearances before the grand jury that ultimately declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson–the purported eyewitness delivered a preposterous and perjurious account of the fatal encounter in Ferguson.



Referred to only as “Witness 40” in grand jury material, the woman concocted a story that is now baked into the narrative of the Ferguson grand jury, a panel before which she had no business appearing.

While the “hands-up” account of Dorian Johnson is often cited by those who demanded Wilson’s indictment, “Witness 40”’s testimony about seeing Brown batter Wilson and then rush the cop like a defensive end has repeatedly been pointed to by Wilson supporters as directly corroborative of the officer’s version of the August 9 confrontation. The “Witness 40” testimony, as Fox News sees it, is proof that the 18-year-old Brown’s killing was justified, and that the Ferguson grand jury got it right.

However, unlike Johnson, “Witness 40”–a 45-year-old St. Louis resident named Sandra McElroy–was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.

Though prosecutors have sought to cloak the identity of grand jury witnesses, a TSG investigation has identified McElroy as “Witness 40.” A careful analysis of information contained in the unredacted portions of “Witness 40”’s grand jury testimony helped reporters identify McElroy and then conclusively match up details of her life with those of “Witness 40.”

TSG examined criminal, civil, matrimonial, and bankruptcy court records, as well as online postings and comments to unmask McElroy as “Witness 40,” the fabulist whose grand jury testimony and law enforcement interviews are deserving of multi-count perjury indictments.

McElroy did not reply to an e-mail seeking comment about her testimony. Messages sent yesterday to her three Facebook pages also went unanswered. Also, a message left on a phone number linked to McElroy was not returned.

Since the identities of grand jurors–as well as details of their deliberations–remain secret, there is no way of knowing what impact McElroy’s testimony had on members of the panel, which subsequently declined to vote indictments against Wilson. That decision touched off looting and arson in Ferguson, about 30 miles from the apartment the divorced McElroy shares with her three daughters.


* * *

Sandra McElroy did not provide police with a contemporaneous account of the Brown-Wilson confrontation, which she claimed to have watched unfold in front of her as she stood on a nearby sidewalk smoking a cigarette.

Instead, McElroy (seen at left) waited four weeks after the shooting to contact cops. By the time she gave St. Louis police a statement on September 11, a general outline of Wilson’s version of the shooting had already appeared in the press. McElroy’s account of the confrontation dovetailed with Wilson’s reported recollection of the incident.

In the weeks after Brown’s shooting–but before she contacted police–McElroy used her Facebook account to comment on the case. On August 15, she “liked’ a Facebook comment reporting that Johnson had admitted that he and Brown stole cigars before the confrontation with Wilson. On August 17, a Facebook commenter wrote that Johnson and others should be arrested for inciting riots and giving false statements to police in connection with their claims that Brown had his hands up when shot by Wilson. “The report and autopsy are in so YES they were false,” McElroy wrote of the “hands-up” claims. This appears to be an odd comment from someone who claims to have been present during the shooting. In response to the posting of a news report about a rally in support of Wilson, McElroy wrote on August 17, “Prayers, support God Bless Officer Wilson.”

After meeting with St. Louis police, McElroy continued monitoring the case and posting online. Commenting on a September 12 Riverfront Times story reporting that Ferguson city officials had yet to meet with Brown’s family, McElroy wrote, “But haven’t you heard the news, There great great great grandpa may or may not have been owned by one of our great great great grandpas 200 yrs ago. (Sarcasm).” On September 13, McElroy went on a pro-Wilson Facebook page and posted a graphic that included a photo of Brown lying dead in the street. A type overlay read, “Michael Brown already received justice. So please, stop asking for it 


” The following week McElroy responded to a Facebook post about the criminal record of Wilson’s late mother. “As a teenager Mike Brown strong armed a store used drugs hit a police officer and received Justis,” she stated.

On October 22, McElroy went to the FBI field office in St. Louis and was interviewed by an agent and two Department of Justice prosecutors. The day before that taped meeting, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a lengthy story detailing exactly what Wilson told police investigators about the Ferguson shooting.

McElroy provided the federal investigators with an account that neatly tracked with Wilson’s version of the fatal confrontation. She claimed to have seen Brown and Johnson walking in the street before Wilson encountered them while seated in his patrol car. She said that the duo shoved the cruiser’s door closed as Wilson sought to exit the vehicle, then watched as Brown leaned into the car and began raining punches on the cop. McElroy claimed that she heard gunfire from inside the car, which prompted Brown and Johnson to speed off. As Brown ran, McElroy said, he pulled up his sagging pants, from which “his rear end was hanging out.”

But instead of continuing to flee, Brown stopped and turned around to face Wilson, McElroy said. The unarmed teenager, she recalled, gave Wilson a “What are you going to do about it look,” and then “bent down in a football position…and began to charge at the officer.” Brown, she added, “looked like he was on something.” As Brown rushed Wilson, McElroy said, the cop began firing. The “grunting” teenager, McElroy recalled, was hit with a volley of shots, the last of which drove Brown “face first” into the roadway.

McElroy’s tale was met with skepticism by the investigators, who reminded her that it was a crime to lie to federal agents. When questioned about inconsistencies in her story, McElroy was resolute about her vivid, blow-by-blow description of the deadly Brown-Wilson confrontation. “I know what I seen,” she said. “I know you don’t believe me.”



When asked what she was doing in Ferguson–which is about 30 miles north of her home–McElroy explained that she was planning to “pop in” on a former high school classmate she had not seen in 26 years. Saddled with an incorrect address and no cell phone, McElroy claimed that she pulled over to smoke a cigarette and seek directions from a black man standing under a tree. In short order, the violent confrontation between Brown and Wilson purportedly played out in front of McElroy.

Despite an abundance of red flags, state prosecutors put McElroy in front of the Ferguson grand jury the day after her meeting with the federal officials. After the 12-member panel listened to a tape of her interview conducted at the FBI office, McElroy appeared and, under oath, regaled the jurors with her eyewitness claims.

McElroy’s grand jury testimony came to an abrupt end at 2:30 that afternoon due to obligations of some grand jurors. But before the panel broke for the day, McElroy revealed that, “On August 9th after this happened when I got home, I wrote everything  down on a piece of paper, would that be easier if I brought that in?”

“Sure,” answered prosecutor Kathi Alizadeh.

“Because that’s how I make sure I don’t get things confused because then it will be word for word,” said McElroy, who did not bother to mention her journaling while speaking a day earlier with federal investigators.

McElroy would return to the Ferguson grand jury 11 days later, journal pages in hand and with a revamped story for the panel.

*  *  *

Sandra McElroy was born in 1969 to a 17-year-old Tennessee girl. Her father was a 27-year-old truck driver married to another woman. McElroy was subsequently adopted by a Missouri couple, and she has mostly lived in St. Louis since she was a child. According to her grand jury testimony, she was diagnosed as bipolar when she was 16, but has not taken medication for the condition for about 25 years.

According to court records, McElroy was divorced in 2009 from Michael McElroy, a National Park Service employee with whom she had three daughters. She is also the mother of two sons, both in their early 20s.

In 2004, the couple filed for bankruptcy protection, ultimately listing debts in excess of $152,000, and assets totaling $16,575 (the pair valued the family’s guinea pigs at $20). The McElroys’s court petition reported that Brenda was disabled and received $564 monthly from the Social Security Administration.

The McElroy liabilities included two dozen unpaid medical bills dating to 2002, the year the couple filed a personal injury lawsuit in connection with a February 2001 auto accident in St. Louis. “Witness 40” told grand jurors that she was seriously injured in a car crash on Valentine’s Day in 2001. The witness, who said she was catapulted through the windshield, testified that she has struggled with a faulty memory since the accident.


The McElroy bankruptcy filings were standard Chapter 13 fare, until the filing of a remarkable 2005 motion by the couple’s attorney.

The lawyer, Tracy Brown, sought court permission to withdraw from the bankruptcy case due to Sandra McElroy’s behavior. Brown advised the court that McElroy had frequently called her office and berated a secretary. McElroy, Brown wrote, “repeatedly used profanity when speaking with Counsel’s secretary,” adding that the diatribes “escalated to the use of racial slurs.”

Brown’s withdrawal motion was immediately approved by the federal judge handling the McElroy bankruptcy.

An examination of McElroy’s YouTube page, which she apparently shares with one of her daughters, reveals other evidence of racial animus. Next to a clip about the disappearance of a white woman who had a baby with a black man is the comment, “see what happens when you bed down with a monkey have ape babies and party with them.” A clip about the sentencing of two black women for murder is captioned, “put them monkeys in a cage.”

McElroy’s YouTube page is also filled with a variety of anti-Barack Obama videos, including a clip purporting to show Michelle Obama admitting that the president was born in Kenya. Over the past year, McElroy has subscribed to three channels devoted to mystery and real crime shows, as well as a “We Are Darren Wilson” video channel.



McElroy has rarely used her Twitter account, though she did post a message in late-October in response to a news report that several Ferguson drug cases had to be dropped because Darren Wilson failed to show up for court hearings. “drug thug will be arrested again who cares,” wrote McElroy.

Her inaugural tweet came in October 2013 in reply to an Obama swipe posted by Senator Ted Cruz. “Keep fighting, I am a government employee on furlough and I say keep it shut down. NO obama care please don’t stop,” McElroy tweeted to the Texas Republican.

*  *  *

A review of court records shows that McElroy’s legal history is filled with a variety of civil lawsuits–often for failing to pay rent and other bills–as well as a 2007 criminal case. McElroy was arrested that year on two felony bad check charges. She pleaded guilty the following year to both counts and received a suspended sentence. The files on McElroy’s case have been sealed, a St. Louis court clerk told TSG.

During her grand jury testimony, “Witness 40” revealed that she pleaded guilty to a pair of felony “check fraud” charges in 2007. She recalled being sentenced to three years probation as part of an “SIS” (suspended imposition of sentence). “Witness 40” explained that she accidentally passed the bad checks after “I grabbed a black checkbook instead of a brown checkbook or a blue checkbook.” She copped to the charges, “Witness 40” added, because her father “taught me before he passed away regardless, you always tell the truth and you always admit to whatever, if it’s the truth.”

McElroy’s devotion to the truth–lacking during her appearances before the Ferguson grand jury–was also absent in early-2007 when she fabricated a bizarre story in the wake of the rescue of Shawn Hornbeck, a St. Louis boy who had been held captive for more than four years by Michael Devlin, a resident of Kirkwood, a city just outside St. Louis.



McElroy, who also lived in Kirkwood, told KMOV-TV that she had known Devlin (seen at left) for 20 years. She also claimed to have gone to the police months after the child’s October 2002 disappearance to report that she had seen Devlin with Hornbeck. The police, McElroy said, checked out her tip and determined that the boy with Devlin was not Hornbeck.

In the face of McElroy’s allegations, the Kirkwood Police Department fired back at her. Cops reported that they investigated her claim and determined that “we have no record of any contact with Mrs. McElroy in regards to Shawn Hornbeck.” The police statement concluded, “We have found that this story is a complete fabrication.”

Undeterred by that withering blast, McElroy peddled another story to police in nearby Lincoln County, where Charles Arlin Henderson, 11, went missing in 1991. According to news reports, McElroy claimed that Devlin had given her photos he took of young boys, one of whom she knew as “Chuck” or “Chuckie.” Those images were shown to the missing boy’s mother, who said that while one of the boys in the photos resembled her son, “I’m keeping my emotions in check. I’m not going to be hurt anymore.”

A law enforcement task force investigated Devlin’s possible involvement in other missing children cases, but concluded that his only victims were Hornbeck and a 13-year-old boy who was abducted four days before Devlin’s arrest. Henderson, who has never been found, would now be 34-years-old.

*  *  *

When Sandra McElroy returned to the Ferguson grand jury on November 3, she brought a spiral notebook purportedly containing her handwritten journal entries for some dates in August, including the Saturday Michael Brown was shot.

Before testifying about the content of her notebook scribblings, McElroy admitted that she had not driven to Ferguson in search of an African-American pal she had last seen in 1988. Instead, McElroy offered a substitute explanation that was, remarkably, an even bigger lie.

McElroy, again under oath, explained to grand jurors that she was something of an amateur urban anthropologist. Every couple of weeks, McElroy testified, she likes to “go into all the African-American neighborhoods.” During these weekend sojourns–apparently conducted when her ex has the kids–McElroy said she will “go in and have coffee and I will strike up a conversation with an African-American and I will try to talk to them because I’m trying to understand more.”


As she testified, McElroy admitted that her sworn account of the Brown-Wilson confrontation was likely peppered with details of the incident she had read online. But she remained adamant about having been on Canfield Drive and seeing Brown “going after the officer like a football player” before being shot to death.

McElroy’s last two journal entries for August 9 read like an after-the-fact summary of the account she gave to federal investigators on October 22 and the Ferguson grand jury the following afternoon. It is so obvious that the notebook entries were not contemporaneous creations that investigators should have checked to see if the ink had dried.

The opening entry in McElroy’s journal on the day Brown died declared, “Well Im gonna take my random drive to Florisant. Need to understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks Niggers and Start calling them People.” A commendable goal, indeed.

Near the end of her testimony, McElroy was questioned about a Facebook page she had started to raise money for Wilson. McElroy corrected a prosecutor, saying that the page was “not for Darren Wilson,” but rather other law enforcement officers who have “been dealing with all the long hours” as a result of unrest in Ferguson.

McElroy’s group purports to be a “non-profit organization,” though Missouri state corporation records contain no mention of the outfit, which launched its Facebook page two weeks after Brown’s killing. In donation pitches posted on other Facebook pages, “First Responders Support” claimed that money raised through an online fundraising campaign would be used to pay for care packages and gift cards for cops “that have been dealing with the riots here in St Louis MO.”

In an October 25 Facebook discussion thread on the web site of a St. Louis TV station, McElroy–using one of her personal Facebook accounts–posted a link to the “First Responders” fundraising page, along with a call to action. “How about support the LEO instead of these thugs,” she wrote. Two minutes later, a similar link to the YouCaring web site was posted from the “First Responders” Facebook account.

It is unknown how much money McElroy’s Facebook gambit has raised, or how the money was spent. But in a December 5 post, the “First Responders” page offered a fundraising update. Since “Officer Wilson’s attorney has made it clear there are to be NO online donation excepted,” McElroy wrote, “I purchased a money order and mailed it” to the “Darren Wilson Trust Fund.”

A TSG reporter last week sent a message to the “First Responders” Facebook page asking how much money the group raised and donated to Wilson. While that inquiry was ignored, the fundraising post was subsequently deleted.

Perhaps McElroy did not want to get caught telling a lie. (18 pages)

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