Weather Channel Demonstration / Protest to Raise Awareness for Global Geo – Engineering (Atlanta Ga. Jan. 26 2015)


Weather Channel Demonstration / Protest to Raise Awareness for Global Geo – Engineering

(Atlanta Ga. Jan. 26 2015)


TO: ALL GEORGIA MEDIA / NATIONAL MEDIA – Coverage Access available


WHAT:   Geo (Earth) Engineering is a term to put a new face on Weather Modification, or weather control. Geo –  Engineering equals CLIMATE CHANGE. The debate on Climate Change is not over unless it includes man made weather, and atmospheric manipulation. There is a large historical archive of evidence to prove that Geo – Engineering is not a crazy plan for the future…. It is happening NOW. The Weather Channel is responsible for reporting this program. Our local coalition plans to draw this to their attention, thus removing any plausible deniability.  


WHERE:   Weather Channel HQ (and surrounding area) /  300 Interstate North Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA


WHEN:  Monday  January 26th 2015 /  at 11:00am – 5:00pm

ATTRACTIONS & VISUALS:  Available on Site: Greg Pallen, former 2012 Congressional candidate in Georgia’s 4th district (Event Organizer).


OTHER ACTIVITIES: More than 300 citizens have RSVP’d to the event on facebook, and many more are expected. This is a great story for your media outlet. You spend countless hours per day on weather issues. A large number of your viewers, readers, or listeners are concerned about the environment; yet question the regulations they must adhere to every day . More are coming. Regarding the issue of Geo – Engineering, or aerosol spraying…. There is no left and right, or black and white…. Just truth or fiction.


CONTACT:  Greg Pallen (Event Sponsor and organizer) 









  • Stop wasting your energy, and start protesting something that is real instead of your paranoid delusional fantasies.

    • IT MY ENERGY…. not yours. If you fail to see the evidence of Global Weather Modification, and its implications on your freedom, that is on YOU. Thanks (PS: It was great seeing Rep McKinney and Michael Murphy out there today! Freezing cold, but well worth it)

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